8 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Hello Bearsy,

    What you’re crying out for is plenty of these type of things.

    i.e. commentators. As a Scot, I’m quite stingy with my comments, though your very bad poetry post here has brought me out of the girders.

    Way back in the good old days of our Distinguished Competition, the prolific Kevin Straw stated that he would not reply to any comments as they weren‘t taking his blogs seriously enough. I left a few messages saying “What about John Motson?”. This went over a few of the other bloggers heads and they didn’t understand my subtle overtone, some even questioning my sanity. Harummphh.
    Motty is, of course, a sports commentator for the despicable BBC.
    And what do commentators do? Make comments.

  2. But that’s Richie Benaud – one of the most entertaining commentators ever!
    Thanks for that, JW. 😀

  3. Having just looked at the stats, Bearsy, I’m obviously doing my bit!
    I’m Top Recent Commenter and my last post came second in the last seven days.

    On the other hand, I see what you mean. 😦

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