Vegetable market, Maeklong, Bangkok

Quite remarkable

I thought that I’d check the authenticity of this, here’s what Hoax-Slayer has to say…

The video shows that the market is actually located right on the train line. Apparently, market vendors remove their wares and stalls to make way for each passing train and then rapidly re-establish themselves after it has passed. The area is so cramped and packed with goods and equipment that the train carriages actually pass over the top of produce left on the outside of the tracks. Those of us who live in increasingly health and safety conscious westernized nations may find such a set up quite incredible. Some have even suggested that the video has been manipulated in some way.

However, there is no reason to doubt the veracity of the video. (continues here)

6 thoughts on “Vegetable market, Maeklong, Bangkok”

  1. Seeing is truly believing. Its rather ingenious and I would love to be there! Thanks Soutie. PS Bearsy – why do we have the advert of the wrinkly women’s face at the foot of the blog? It was on your post re Toc. Are you able to be selective about what goes on and when?

  2. Frightening way to earn a crust.

    Bearsy: Re. advertisements, I only seem to get ads from places I have shopped at on the net, very directed, I have rarely seen an ad on the site from a place which was not familiar, for me they are mostly marine, electronics or tool places. Must be cookies at work.

  3. Blimey, but I’m still not sure why they feel the need to do this.

    Before I watched the video clip I thought maybe they sold the produce to the passengers, but the train didn’t stop!

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