A few snaps taken with my iPhone.  (I have a ‘work camera in the office, a Cannon 500D and I need to get to know its ins-and-outs, so you should get some decent shots soon 🙂  )

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7 thoughts on “Almaty”

  1. Ah, missed the shot of the mountains that I can see from my window – if I lean out and look to the left 🙂 It’s a bit of a grainy shot – it was evening and the iPhone camera doesn’t handle reduced lighting conditions very well.

    Sorry about the slightly out of order shots in the slideshow, btw, still haven’t quite got the hang of it after all this time…

  2. These are bloody lovely Bravo, superb. My camera is a Canon 500D, very easy to use. I’m looking to upgrade, again, the Canon 1D is perfect, but the price isn’t, I’m afraid.

    I love the last one in this series.

  3. Kazakhstan? I just can’t keep up with you Bravo – the last I heard you were in Cyprus. What the hell are you doing in Kazakhstan or would you have to kill us if you told us? 🙂

    Excellent piccies, by the way. More please.


  4. OZ, three-month contract here, sorting out security for an international tobacco company. Anyone interested in what corporate security is actually all about?

  5. Yes, please. 🙂
    By the way, Bravo, you can change the order of pictures in a slideshow, and add the extra one, after you’ve published it, if you want to. Full instructions can be supplied if you need them, but Boadicea says it ain’t rocket science! 🙂

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