I’d do anything for you, dear, anything … but …

I’ve just been reading an e-mail from an old friend who is going to a wedding this weekend.

It’s an eco-wedding to be held in the open air in Scotland. But the accommodation available at this eco-hostel is either an eight-bed bunkhouse,  which might be fine if everyone is very friendly, or some sort of Swedish tent with a sleeping platform and cooking space.

It got me wondering just what my response would be if invited to such an event.  To what extent should the bride and groom impose their ideas on their guests, especially in my native land with its variable weather?  We are now accustomed to bridal parties forking out to attend ceremonies on Caribbean beaches, but at least there is generally a hotel involved.

Both our nieces in America had different weddings:  one in Tudor costume with Apache prayers, which don’t seem to have worked since they’re now divorced, and the other on the top of a hill in Colorado, which involved a fairly stiff climb.  Thankfully both were in termtime, so we had a readymade excuse.

But I think if we were invited to such an eco-friendly do, I would follow my friend’s example.  She’s insisted on staying in the nearest four-star hotel, at the risk of being considered antisocial.

16 thoughts on “I’d do anything for you, dear, anything … but …”

  1. Me too!

    I just find all this claptrap too lip wrinkling for words.
    Just what the hell is wrong with a church and a decent hotel?
    Interestingly they waste the money on this type of carry on and rarely have the proverbial pot to pee in let alone a home or new mortgage.

  2. Well at least one could have fun thinking of a suitably eco-friendly wedding present. A few bags of manure would go down well, I am sure. Actually, it would be quite interesting to have a look at their wedding list to see just how eco-friendly that was.

  3. OZ, ladies attending a wedding want to turn up in all their finery, not a waxed jacket and wellies!

    I’ve noticed, CO, that all eco-friendly things generally carry a heavy price tag.

    Sipu, it would indeed be interesting to look at the wedding list. Hand-thrown pots perhaps? Hand-carved wooden bowls and cutlery?

  4. Too hell with being thought anti-social – I would flatly refuse to stay in a eight-bed bunk-house or a tent! I like my comfort, and privacy, far too much. I rather wonder what an eco-friendly wedding breakfast would entail… 🙂

    I actually think it’s a bit much when people decide to get married in far-off exotic places and expect their nearest and dearest to fork out air-fares.

    I’m with Christina on the fact that so many people seem to spend a fortune on the wedding and then complain because they haven’t got the proverbial pot – or house.

  5. Yes, it’s the lack of consideration for others that is galling. It’s not really on to expect elderly people to traipse up a Scottish hillside or to fly for hours to an exotic location. But for many the idea of missing a grandchild’s wedding would be inconceivable.

    This particular wedding breakfast involves a hog-roast and vegetarian options, I am told.

  6. Oh well, If any of my rellies made it hard for me to get to their weddings – I’d take the hint and (happily!) stay away. I’m not really into family occasions… 🙂

  7. There’s so much crap associated with weddings these days. Invite who you really want only, then if they decline, don’t be offended. It saves the pennies anyway!

    I deffo wouldn’t go to this one Sheona, unless they paid me!

  8. Apparently weddings are as notorious as Christmas for family rows. Making life difficult for the guests could certainly cause ill-feeling.

  9. If I went at all, I would stay on the nearest good hotel and turn up in top hat and tails for the ceremony, in the most ostentatious vehicle I could hire!

  10. Having spent 25 years sleeping on different hard bits of the countryside around the world, I’m with the Hotel, hot showers and clean sheets crew on this one 😀

  11. Not only decline you all, change your wills too! (With great glee.)
    Wouldn’t leave a brass ha’penny to anyone who expected me to rush up a mountain or fly off to some pox ridden tropical hellhole.
    The whole caboodle is an exercise in crass vulgarity.
    Rather leave it to the dogs home!

  12. On re reading the blog through snorts of derision, I reckon the only relationship ever achieved between the Tudors and the Apache, were they ever to have met which is unlikely, is that the both would have done their damnedest to kill each other!
    Hardly conducive to good omens for a marriage ceremony, total twaddle.

  13. The Apache element came in because the bridegroom’s mother was Apache, but I’m not surprised to learn it was all phony. The Tudor bit I’m not sure about. What’s wrong with buying a wedding-dress instead of hiring fancy dress? I think there are fads in weddings as in everything else.

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