Just over a year ago.

I was sitting in the Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay Cape town sinking a few beers, watching the sun go down with Sipu, who, at the drop of a hat drove over the mountain to chat with someone whom he had only ever met on line. It was great fun and he was an interesting companion. Our time together was all too short. We should have more beers and more chat. He was driving though.

This time next month we should have, been leaving Hong Kong and arriving in Singapore. Due to unforeseen circumstances, We had to cancel the ‘The Big” Far East tour.

Anyhow, this is not really what this blurb is all about. Years ago as a child living in Africa, my parents had a great Dutch friend who introduced us o a dish called Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian dish. I’m sure that many of you you who have visited the Far East will know what I’m talking about (Bravo?) If not Google it.

Haven’t eaten one for years. In Germany, you could get it in tins. I always ate mine with two crispy fried eggs. I have now discovered, that you can buy some excellent Nasi Goreng paste on line.

Here is my recipe:-

A few good dollops of the sauce.

Pre cooked rice.

Pre cooked shredded chicken

A two egg omelet thinly sliced.


All cooked in the Wok, following the instructions you can make it very quickly.
Give it a go.

Still wish I was eating it in Singapore though.

P.S.There are many variations to this dish.

21 thoughts on “Just over a year ago.”

  1. Hi Toc, it was a great evening, and I remember it well. So sorry that you have had to put off your Far East trip. All the best.

  2. I’ve never visited the Far East, but I have eaten Nasi Goreng in an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. It was about ten years ago, but I remember it well.

  3. I think it was pretty good, but we were with friends we see very infrequently who live in Holland and it was an excellent evening. The company was great and I’ve visited the restaurant several times since, but I’ve tried something different each time.

  4. We used to eat at an Indonesian restaurant on the Gold Coast. It was ‘thatched hut’ decor which might have been a bit naff, but wasn’t. Wonderful food, including the Nasi Goreng.

  5. There does not seem to be nearly so many Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands as there was when I first started going there on a regular basis. My favourite meal at such establishments is a rijstafel, a sort of glorified mezze with all sorts of spicy goodies included. There is actually an Indonesian restaurant not too far from where I live.

  6. Hi Toc – Nasi Goreng means “fried rice” in Indonesian, and there are many varieties. The one with chicken is the most common, and is found in restaurants all over Australia. With a fried egg on top it’s often called “Special fried rice” – Nasi goreng istimewa, and eaten for breakfast. 🙂

    Shame about the Singapore trip.

  7. I’ve eaten Nasi Goreng in Indonesia. It was OK in a reasonable restaurant – but I bought a meal in the equivalent of “The Greasy Spoon” in a small village one time – it was foul! It must have been bad – I can still remember deciding that I’d rather go hungry than eat any more. 🙂

  8. By the way, I am pleased you met Sipu, I had Ferret and Beloved staying at The Cave and jolly good it was too!


  9. Years ago when I was a student I spent a summer vac working in a hotel in Germany. The chef was Dutch and had lived in Indonesia. His Nasi Goreng was great, but I’ve never come across it since.

  10. Thank you all for your kind informative comments. This really was just a look at my little life, I will come back to it. 🙂

  11. OZ: Tosh, I’m sure at least one of us would like to hear your stories. After all, if I can bore you all with my blather about a damp, soggy country wedged between Poland and Froggieland then you can certainly entertain all of us with your tales!

    Nasi goreng is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I cook it every now and again.

  12. Unlike Marmite, the importers of Nasi-whatsit here have all the licences.

    Bearsy, your instant translation reminds me of the little 11-year-old Malayan in my geog. class who piped up, “Orang utang. Oh yes, the man from the woods.”

  13. Great pic Toc

    Sunset at Camps Bay, reminds me of the times (when I lived in CT) spent at The Ambassador Hotel (I think, it was a long time ago) perched right on the cliff at Bantry Bay (right next to Camps Bay) spectacular sunsets from the ladies bar situated on their top floor!

  14. I had a view like this from my balcony in Darwin – face one way and I could see the sun rise out of the sea every morning, and in the evenings I turned the other way and watched it set into the sea…

  15. One of my favourite dishes too – introduced to me by my first mother in law who was a good cook. I often chose it when I see it on a menu. Thanks Toc, I will look out for the paste and try to cook it myself.

  16. Soutie,

    We stayed at the Protea President hotel in Cape Town. A nice hotel, not too far away from Camps Bay. This was the view from the bedroom window. It was a nice bus drive to the Watterfront from Sea Point.

    I have to say, the food in Cape Town restaurants was fantastic value for money. There was only one couple who got caught out and that was in the Codfather restaurant Camps Bay. They should have known better, any place anywhere in the world where you have to pay by weight will cost an arm and a leg!

    I managed to fit in a Malay Curry or two. Probably the best food I ate was in the The Hussar Grill Rondebosch. A bit of a hike but unlike some, we took the precaution of making use of the official hotel taxi both ways no detours for us! They bill the Hussar as one of the oldest steak houses in Cape town. I had the largest T Bone steak I have ever eaten. I knew it would be big when I saw the size of the dagger they gave me to eat it.

    Mrs Toc lived on Ribs and grilled King Prawns. Love the way they do the prawns, I can’t stand huge prawns that haven’t been deveined! As a matter of interest, in one of the restaurants in Johannesburg (The Bull Ring?), a kilo of King Prawns was only 90 Rand! You can pay that for fish and chips in the UK!

    I wonder if perhaps either you or Sipu will know the answer to this? do they still export beef from Zimbabwe or indeed, is there any beef left in that poor bloody country?

    P.S. The food in Botswana was crap.


    Try this.

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