Great Tackle

Since we’re all, or those of us who appreciate a fine game, following the RWC, I thought that this photo my friend sent me was fairly topical 😀

I should just mention that by great tackle I meant by the lady…

11 thoughts on “Great Tackle”

  1. Looks like the lady on the right is getting confused with a relay race and is making a grab for the baton.

  2. Ara, you often used to get streakers at Twickers, since Erica Roe started it way back. Both sexes have done the honours, mainly men in my days. It used to be that the 1st XV from QMC UofL would attend every England game as the streaker squad, and we were kept busy most games!

  3. Araminta :

    Gosh, does this sort of thing happen often?

    I’ve been to Twickenham twice but nothing so exciting happened. :(

    It can happen at Twickers, too!

  4. Erica in all her glory! Bless her, she’ll be in her 50s by now I expect!

    (a quick Wiki reveals she’s an organic potato farmer in Portugal! OZ?)

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