Conspiracy theory ?

Well not really but would you believe that I’ve been behind one of these both yesterday and today! 🙂

A short note about our registration system (if anybody is bothered)…

We have 9 provinces, each has it’s own licensing authority and system, ours is quite straightforward, 3 alphas (no vowels or Q ) followed by 3 numerics and then the abbreviation representing the province. (EC = Eastern Cape)

This system will probably last way past my expiry date, however up in Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria) they this year ran out i.e. issued ZZZ 999 GP, they have now moved to a system with greater permutations, XX NN XX GP.

I have a DRV vehicle registered in December 2006, down here we haven’t got to FRV yet but probably will by the end of the year, so it appears that in this poor relation province of ours it takes about 5 years to cycle through each letter.

Are you bored yet? Okay I’ll sign off 🙂

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy theory ?”

  1. No please carry on! Regos are fascinating – you can tell so much from them! I’m always amazed when others don’t share my interest – especially with all the European plates – I can tell which country they’re from without a country sticker!

    The UK system changed in 2001 with many unsatisfactory results, but still, the new ones have interesting patterns!

    I hate the personalised ones, especially if the wrong font is used, but now I’m just showing my OCD! Linky thing for more Uk info…..

    I could go on too……..

  2. It’s called the white-mini syndrome, Soutie.

    One minute you are oblivious to millions of them around you, but once you focus, for whatever reason, they are everywhere.

    So, no conspiracy, I agree, you are just sensitised by traumatic events! 😉

  3. Can anybody confirm that that back in the day – I’m guessing late seventies – the UK’s DVLA (Driver and Vehicke Licencing Authority) released PEN 1 S as a numberplate? How cool would that be on an E-Type Jaguar?


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