More Aussie satire

Not one swear word, I promise. Β  No bad language at all.

Most of you won’t understand the underlying politics, or recognise the players in this drama, but you must have heard of Libya and The Middle East.

Rebel forces and the threat of a Canberra Spring

You may find it funny, or you may find it hard work and give up on it. πŸ˜€

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

11 thoughts on “More Aussie satire”

  1. Very funny Bearsy,

    Closing paras, does that mean ol’ Kevvo thinks he’s in with a chance of reclaiming the top job? I seem to remember a lot of folks were mighty peeved with his performance.

  2. No, Ferret, not really. But Kev is still seen as “a good bloke” by many people – almost none of whom would vote Labor ever again.

    Juliar has effectively killed the Labor party for many years, if not for ever.

  3. Well buddy thats what we thought about Gormless Bruin,

    All he did was give the labour succession a bigger pot to pee in. Vote for us, there’s no way we can be as bad as the one eyed gurning galloot!

  4. Yeah, but we’re Aussies, Ferret. We bear grudges, and we get even – not like you Poms who do nothing but whinge. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  5. Can’t argue with that.

    We do love a good moan, but when push comes to shove we give the aerosols cushy jobs for life, 24 hour security, and a pension that would tempt Trump. Go figure.

  6. Rumour has it that Juliar will be gone by Christmas. That doesn’t mean Labor will be out – only that the factions behind the scenes believe that she is leading them down the road to oblivion… In actual fact, they are dancing down that road with or without her help.

    The difficulty is getting rid of this government.

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