5 thoughts on “Dr Thomas Sowell on Responsibility and Cop-outs.”

  1. Very interesting, thanks for putting this video up. I’ve listened to a few more of his thoughts that are linked at the end of this one. Not too much to argue with 🙂

  2. Thanks Christopher. I’ve read a bit written by Dr Sowell and is is easy to see why he is a hate figure for the left in the US. Good grief, a black man who refuses to fit their mould and be a victim of society who needs to be ‘helped.’ I particularly like:

    ‘Personal responsibility is anathema to deep thinkers because it undermines their role as rescuers of the victims of society.’

  3. I’ve been trying to watch this clip all day and haven’t yet succeeded in watching it the whole way through. From what I have heard it sounds pretty much on the button.

    Thanks, Christopher.

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