Flotilla of Fools

You’ve just arrived after a long journey, tired and looking for somewhere to stay.  You feel like treating yourself, so you ask your driver to take you to the best hotel that the town has to offer.  And he does; he could have picked none better.  Plush and polished, this five star establishment has over two hundred well-appointed rooms, a royal suite, a steam room, a swimming pool with a view of the sea and four restaurants.

So where do you think you have ended up; in one of the more luxurious Mediterranean resorts, perhaps?  Go out on the balcony and have a look around.  See, there, just to the south of where you are standing, the Hamas training camp should give you a clue.  Hamas; what, the terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel?  Yes, Hamas; for this is Gaza and the hotel is the al-Mashtal, recently refurbished at a cost of $40 million. 

Once you’ve recovered from the shock you might care to wonder around Gaza City.  I feel sure you will be surprised by just how well-stocked the stores are, or by the construction boom, of which the al-Mashtal is a feature.  You might be even more surprised by the number of four-by-fours on the roads, an estimated 400 of which are smuggled through two huge tunnels every month, adding to the 160 that the Israelis allow through legally.  The demand is such that dealers are willing to pay $8000 simply to bring them through the tunnels.

Yes, this is Gaza, such a deprived place, a place suffering under a blockade that a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ has been organised to break.  This blockade, incidentally, is absolutely necessary for the security of Israel, to ensure that war materials do not get through, allowing for further periodic attacks on the south of the country.  As recently as March of this year the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) intercepted a ship attempting to smuggle weapons into Gaza.  Every ship has to be searched; there cannot be exceptions, so long as Hamas, the terrorist organisation that controls the Palestinian enclave, persist in its determination to destroy Israel.

Hamas, that’s exactly who is behind the so-called Freedom Flotilla 2. If you think this is about bringing succour and aid I urge you to think again.  So far as aid is concerned that’s a lie; this little armada is intended by Hamas as a deliberate act of provocation, material for even more propaganda.  Even the organisers of the American ship declared in a press release that they will carry no goods of any kind for delivery to Gaza.

What these boats will carry is a lot of left-liberals, useful idiots, as Lenin is reputed to have described such people, who often ally themselves with the most oppressive forces in the name of freedom.  I seriously doubt if even half of them understand who the tour organisers are or what they stand for.  So, let’s have a look at the cooks.

The chef is one Amin Abu Rashid, a Palestinian Dutch national and a fundraiser for Hamas.  Prior to last year’s flotilla fiasco he openly said that the intention was to clash with the IDF, an aim in which he was wholly successful.  Most recently seen in Greece training the new venture’s crew, it’s fairly safe to assume that his strategy has not changed.

There are a whole range of senior Hamas operatives behind Enterprise Gaza, including Sameh Habeeb, the man who publishes the Palestine Telegraph, an organ which regularly gives a platform to Nazis and Holocaust-deniers, as well as promoting such enlightened works as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and an updated version of the medieval blood libel.

Those who are minded to perceive the flotilla as a ‘humanitarian’ cause would do well to play closer attention to some of the public statements being released by the likes of Bulent Yildrim, head of IHH, a Turkish ‘relief’ organisation, busy weaving his own web of deceit.  He is a man of grand ideas and sweeping ambition.  His intifada, you see, only begins with blockade-running; it will not end, in his own words, “until our march to al-Aqsa is completed.”  Al-Aqsa, of course, is in Jerusalem.  Yes, a man of big ideas who sees the main problem as Zionism “…which, like a virus, has infected all humanity.” Not Freedom Flotilla 2, obviously.

The whole enterprise is so fraudulent that even the journalists are abandoning ship, accusing the organisers of a complete lack of transparency, particularly with regard to their relations with Hamas.  The Dutch cohort expressed disgust at the dictatorial atmosphere and the attempts at censorship.  De Telegraf, a leading Dutch paper, has also focused on Rashid’s support for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This man is a notorious for encouraging suicide attacks on Israel.  He is also in favour of such enlightened causes as having homosexuals stoned to death and allowing men to beat ‘rebellious’ women.

The useful idiots, incidentally, include Alice Walker, the American writer, who has joined the flotilla, saying she is concerned about ‘the children.’  Perhaps she might have considered talking with Khaled Abu Toameh, an Israeli-Arab journalist, who has actually spoken to ordinary Palestinian people, as opposed to the publicists of Hamas.  If she did she would have discovered that there is no shortage of food and that shortages of medicine is caused by infighting between Fata and Hamas.  The latest news from the Gaza Strip itself confirms this, officials blaming Fata for “political blackmail”. (The Times, Saturday, 2 July).

Of Walker’s involvement Howard Jacobson, a prize-winning British journalist and author, has written;

Hamas, we are often told, is the elected government of Gaza, a government that fairly represents the wishes of its people. In which case we must assume that Hamas’s implacable hostility towards Israel fairly represents the implacable hostility felt by the people of Gaza. Are Alice Walker’s letters of love and ‘solidarity’ solid with the people of Gaza in that hostility?

Many governments have seen through the bogus Freedom Flotilla for the shabby act of provocation and agitprop it truly is.  It really is time for all those not befuddled by this kind of thing to stand full-square behind the state of Israel, which has the right to protect itself, the duty of a sovereign nation to protect its people from murderers, terrorists, ‘peace’ activists and all such fellow travellers.

Author: anatheimp

I'm a student, a horsewoman, a flyer and an all round wild child!

6 thoughts on “Flotilla of Fools”

  1. Ana, I wonder if you ever watch Al Jazeera. I do. The western media is dominated by Jews – I do not say that as an anti-semetic remark or as evidence of my belief in a conspiracy theory, rather as a statement of fact. Most media outlets, including the Daily Telegraph are overwhelmingly in support of Zionist Israel. Even the supposedly anti-Israeli BBC employs a disproportionate number of Jews in relation to their numbers in the community. Writer, journalist and broadcaster Howard Jacobson, whom you have quoted is very outspoken and airs his views frequently in the media in support of the Israeli Palestinian barrier. US media, not to mention the entertainment industry, are even more biased.

    Al Jazeera provides an alternative view of the situation in the Middle East. Inevitably, it will attract criticism that it is a mouthpiece for Arab and Islamic interests. But before anyone accuses it of overwhelming bias, bear in mind that it employs a large number of well respected journalists and broadcasters, names that most would recognize as having worked for the BBC or ITV in the past, including David Frost, people who I believe would not allow themselves to become puppets of a blatant propaganda machine.

    Al Jazeera brings to light organisations such as MEMRI http://www.memri.org/, which
    “bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, Urdu-Pashtu, and Turkish media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.” While that sounds perfectly noble, what its website does not tell you that it was set up by former Israeli Intelligence Officers and that much of what it publishes is anti-Arab. It cherry picks its articles and chooses those that make the Arab media look ridiculous.

    Al Jazeera also publishes, not uniquely, articles about the hoax concerning the ‘American gay activist’ who claimed to have been denied rights to join the flotilla on account of his sexual orientation. It turned out that he was an Israeli actor and that the You Tube clip was posted by people working in the Israeli government.

    When the last flotilla was intercepted, Israeli forces confiscated every bit of film and then only released clips of film that showed activists beating IDF soldiers.

    With the current flotilla, Israel threatened a journalists with a 10 year ban if they joined. The government had to back down under pressure. But it shows how little respect it has for the freedom of the press and to what extent is prepared to go to manipulate it.

    I am not a fan of Arabs in general or Islam in particular. But nor am I a fan of Zionism. Israel was founded by terrorists and thieves, Menachim Begin being one of them and it continues to be run by them. The Palestinians have been treated abominably by the Israel and the West and hope for the future has been denied them.

  2. They deserve each other and people like Bliar! It’s a world of disinformation and deceit, neither side interested in any kind of ‘solution’. The Jews enjoy being the target of abuse and the Arabs enjoy abusing them; and vice versa.

  3. Sipu – You ought to be more concerned by the disproportionate number of wimmin, Oirish and, erm, gender-benders employed by Auntie Beeb. 🙂


  4. OZ, I am concerned by those statistics and I would include Africans and Asians, but I am not sure why I should be ‘more concerned’ by those groups than by the number of Jews. It irritates me no end that Ed Stourton was bounced from the Today program because he is Catholic and was considered too posh. It also irritated me when that dreadful man Greg Dyke slammed the BBC for being ‘hideously white’ and when he tried to ban news readers from wearing Remembrance Poppies as they were seen as being ‘Nationalistic’.

  5. From Auntie Beeb about thirty years ago. Nowadays, sadly, it would be deemed wrong on so many levels.

    In days of old
    When knights were bold
    And men were men
    And women were grateful…….


  6. Sipu – I think we are singing from the same hymn book, albeit from different pages. 😀


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