For the Record

Just for the record, and we have said this many times on various sites, Bilby and I do not support killing policemen.  Furthermore we do not make a habit of making unsubstantiated accusations on the Chariot or elsewhere about fellow authors on this site, or any other. Neither do we support or write  abusive comments about Bearsy or Boadicea.

End of message, no further comments on this matter will be forthcoming from either of us. We are somewhat dismayed to have to make this statement.

This post is now closed to further comments – Boadicea

16 thoughts on “For the Record”

  1. As usual I have missed what’s happened, but I have no doubt that you and Bilby would never be nasty in any way and am saddened that you have needed to post this notice.

  2. NO sure what is going on but as long as it don’t harm yours or your sister’s undying love for me then I can put up with it 🙂

  3. Blimey, but you obviously understand that it’s on a need to know basis. I don’t want to have to terminate you with extreme prejudice.

    Incorrigible flirt. 🙂

    Night night all.

  4. Hello Ara & Bilby

    Araminta :

    We are somewhat dismayed to have to make this statement.

    Well I’m somewhat perplexed that you felt the need to make it, however with the different time zones I do miss a lot of the shenanigans that occur after my bedtime!

    Just for the record, I don’t support the killing of policemen either nor do I write abusive comments about others, are we forming a club? 😉

  5. Ara, for the record I find it extraordinary that you felt the need to post this. I certainly have no doubts about your integrity to this site.

  6. I find a period of abstention is mildly therapeutic. There are some real toads in cyberspace!

  7. I normally do not allow posts of this type – but the original post has been deleted and it seemed reasonable to allow some response here.

    I endeavour to run a peaceful site – but there are occasions when tempers run high – and this is one of them. I would, however, point out that this is a clear case of the “Road to Hell being Paved with Good Intentions”, both Bearsy’s and my own. And the main culprit is not a blogger here – nor ever will be.

    However – enough is enough. There are those who do not know what this is about – and I have no intention of making any more fuss about the matter.

    This post is now closed.

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