Mock Orange

Thoughts on a Friday night:

With a screen name that’s short for Pseudonym the name ‘Mock’ Orange appeals to me. (Philadelphus) I like the deep green leaves against the white flowers. Lovely.

I’m thinking of marmalade as a recipe for life: giving us a way to make the bitter things of life more palatable.

It’s always worth reflecting on something when something didn’t go well.

A couple of days ago someone snapped at me at work. I understood why: she was already unreasonably over worked (due to someone being away) and I had to give her an extra patient to see. The fact she was cross made me act differently. I brooded on it – and if I had made a little more time I could have gone back to the surgery to see if we could have a word. I didn’t. But I still brooded on it. Then at 21:50, a phone call. She had felt bad and wanted to apologise. We had a chat. It was so good of her to make the opportunity for us both to express ours concerns and have a laugh over it: showing a mutual respect between doctor and nurse.  But I was sad that I had only got as far as thinking about it, but not acting upon it.

Hedgehogs: you don’t see many of those about these days do you? Not even flat ones. 

Last night on the return from book club (‘Sons and Lovers’ by DH Lawrence, by the way) I saw a hedgehog ambling across the road. I slowed down and got quite excited. Today, however in the middle of a different village I saw a flat hedgehog. Made me feel like crying.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

5 thoughts on “Mock Orange”

  1. But I like my marmalade bitter, pseu. Most of what you can buy, even homemade, is too sweet.

  2. I like it to have a background bitterness too – so I cook the peel for a long time before moving onto the next stage. That is the key to the bitter sweet taste

  3. Pseu, please could you send a jar to Ferret, who is visiting The Cave next month?

    Ta ever so!


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