Whacko of the week.

The Grauniad waxes wrath, (why don’t they ever wax Jennings?) on plans to found a new, private University.

British universities, plundered of resources by the bankers and financiers they educated, are not best served by a bunch of prima donnas jumping ship and creaming off the bright and loaded. It is as though a group of medics in a hard-pressed public hospital were to down scalpels and slink off to start a lucrative private clinic. Grayling and his friends are taking advantage of a crumbling university system to rake off money from the rich. As such, they are betraying all those academics who have been fighting the cuts for the sake of their students. Story.

Erm, ‘scuse me, isn’ this the same ‘newspaper’ wot advercates discriminashun against university applicants from, eg, private schools an’ middle class families? So, where’s the beef?

One thought on “Whacko of the week.”

  1. I found some comfort in the fact that one comment on Terry Eagleton’s article suggested that it told us more about Eagleton than anything else. The commenter also wondered why TE had not been offered a job at this new college. And the comment had acquired 472 recommends!

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