The Biter bit.

Score one for the little man. (Or, if you insist, ‘person.’)

Someone in the USA has foreclosed a debt on the Bank of America. Sheriff’s Deputies descended on a branch in Collier County, Florida and started to remove desks, chairs and other stuff – including the cash in the tellers’ drawers. The action was the result of a court judgement against the bank who had claimed that the individual was in arrears of payment of a non-existent mortgage – the property in question had been bought for cash.

I wonder could we start a trend?

Story here.

3 thoughts on “The Biter bit.”

  1. I read that story this morning, it’s heart-warming, isn’t it?
    The story of the Bank of America is sadly ironic. It was originally the Bank of Italy, founded in San Francisco by Italian immigrants seeking to provide a fair-go for their community and the city as a whole. For a time they were actually known for being fair and understanding. Eventually, however, they expanded too much and grew too large. They became increasingly cut-throat and are now one of the worst, most unethical banks in the USA — and that’s not a competition in which they have few competitors.

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