It was 25 degrees here today.

And my Granddaughter decided that she wanted her hair curled. In my daughter’s words:

Phew! It;s hot, hot, hot! I can;t believe my 5 year old daughter managed to cajole her grandfather into using the curling iron to curl her hair. I told her it was WAY to hot, and she just flounced out of the room saying- Pop Pop will do it for me! lol

5 thoughts on “It was 25 degrees here today.”

  1. Gorgeous little girl, but don’t tell her I prefer her hair straight!

    My daughter has curly hair and spends most of her life trying to tame it. I prefer hers curly.

  2. Bearsy, I think #6 would make a great entry for the competition, too – but I have to do a George Washington, it is my daughter’s pic šŸ™‚

    Pseu and Val, I loook better in the pics than I really am šŸ™‚ That curling iron gets really hot and I singed my fingers a couple of times.

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