What would you come back as?

Ignoring the bad grammar of ending the titular question with a preposition (Down, Bear, down! 🙂 ), how would you come back in the next life, if there is one?  Would men want more oesrtrogen and become child-bearers or would the ladies want more testosterone and become hairy hunter-gatherers?   Nature has already made her choice.  In short, who stays at home to look after the kids?


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

18 thoughts on “What would you come back as?”

  1. Nope. No worries. No probs.
    Nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition (or even a proposition, come to that).
    Those who criticise the practice are the same mistaken dweebs who believe that there is something wrong with splitting an English infinitive. 😀

  2. Just checking. One has to be so careful these days, such as when the passive subjunctive suddenly jumps up from forty years ago and bites one on the ‘arris. 🙂


  3. I would actually like to come back as a chameleon; like Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, who has this magical, fairytale ability to morph into the opposite sex at random points in time. Best of both worlds, I reckon.

  4. Yes, I noticed…
    I prefer the word, humanist, instead of liberal. 🙂

  5. I would come back as a woman. As a man I’m very limited in what clothes I can wear. Since I would look harrowing in dresses, skirts, and kimonos I leave it for some more deranged people to try.

  6. I don’t think I want to come back again, the world is going down the pan and I don’t want to be here when it gets flushed away.

  7. rr it wasn’t much cop when I was here the last two times!
    There was plenty of aggro then but the weird thing is I was the same person with the same skills.
    Suggest you sit out a few hundred years before you accept a re run.

  8. Pseu – Of course you get a second chance. This one is just a trial run. 🙂

    Christina – I am trying to imagine who you were in your previous two incarnations. Lady Macbeth? Lucretia Borgia? My mind is boggling.


  9. Oh, do I *have* to be human? Can’t I be a bird? A peregrine falcon. Would have to conquer my fear of heights though. Stooping from the height of an average step-ladder wouldn’t be much cop.

    If human, same again really. I loved the whole business of having kids, the making em, the sweet-smelling babies, the hilarious toddlers, the strong characters developing, the broadening shoulders and broadening horizons.

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