A Reminder

Certain Charioteers have taken it upon themselves to pontificate about The Chariot’s content, appointing themselves arbiters of  ‘good taste’.

Some have, in the past, tried to mould the Chariot to their biases and prejudices and they have failed. Any future attempts will also fail.

This is a Discussion Forum. As such, all opinions are welcome. Any attempts to stifle debate with political correctness or by claiming that a subject is not suitable for discussion are most decidedly unwelcome.

By all means express your attitude to other people’s attitudes and opinions – but be prepared to have your cherished notions challenged.

I am the sole judge of what is acceptable and any criticisms of my judgements are, ex legibus Icenorum, contempt of court.

6 thoughts on “A Reminder”

  1. If I am a certain charioteer, you can rest assured I am only expressing my opinions here. If not, fine. 🙂

  2. Agreed Boa.

    I haven’t recently noted any colleagues suggesting that certain posts, threads or comments be removed or censored, in fact as far a recent discussions have gone although ‘heated’ I thought that all views were expressed well within our original manifesto.

    I deliberately haven’t commented because it’s a subject of which I have little first hand experience.

  3. Soutie – I have, in the past, removed some posts and some comments that went over my fairly liberal limits! And I’ll freely admit that I leave some that make me cringe a bit!

    But, it has been suggested that perhaps some topics were not fit for discussion here on. I may be jumping a bit soon – but I’m just ensuring that I don’t have to jump harder later!


  4. You have my full support Boa, apologies if I have stepped over the mark, it isn’t intentional! You have certainly never made me cringe.

    I certainly wouldn’t want any subject banned, I just hope fellow charioteers just respect the right of us all to have opinions, however painful they may be! The right to free speech is one of life’s essentials. (Crickey, I nearly said Human Rights!)

    I log on every day half expecting to be called an ignorant half wit…..but I’m in no doubt I deserve it sometimes and I like to think I could take it… I hope!

    Long Live the Chariot! 😀

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