Going for my badge

Thought that you might like to see the badge that I’ve been wearing today, and I’ll be wearing tomorrow and the next day and the next.

The term ‘go for your badge‘ is derisory down here, although google doesn’t recognise it, we use the expression when someone is perhaps bending the truth a little, bragging or perhaps over zealous in his support for his favourite sports team, when he or she have finished their speel, we’ll simply say ‘Ja well cool, go for your badge.’

Anyhow, here’s mine!

The phone number isn’t our office but our national association based up in Pretoria, we haven’t quite yet got the resources for badges and suchlike but we’re getting there.

Hope you like my shirt, 50 bucks at the local Chinese import shop (I bought a couple ;))

10 thoughts on “Going for my badge”

  1. I haven’t heard that expression before, Soutie. Nor did I know it will be World Autism Day tomorrow. Thanks for the thumbs up

  2. Morning all, thanks for looking in 🙂

    Pseu :

    Nor did I know it will be World Autism Day tomorrow. Thanks for the thumbs up

    I did ‘warn’ everybody earlier yesterday ( https://charioteers.org/2011/04/01/world-autism-awareness-day-2/ )

    I thought I’d have a look at your press, so searched ‘autism’ on both the DT & DMail sites, nothing! What a poor show, we have had articles in our local press every day this week.

  3. Thanks Pseu, the facebook campaign I assume is American, they are very good over there. The ‘light it up blue campaign’ is massive, the Americans don’t do things by half even The Empire State Building will be blue tonight.

    The C4 link is interesting but there are literally thousands of such stories on the web, today of all days I would have expected more from the British press / media.

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