BBC – BBC Four Programmes – The Killing

BBC – BBC Four Programmes – The Killing.

If you didn’t happen to catch this series on BBC Four, its 20 episodes remain available for now on the BBC Iplayer site. A second series is scheduled for the Autumn.  Very well worth watching – up there with “24”.

Author: coldwaterjohn

CWJ travelled extensively with his family, having worked in eleven countries over thirty years. A keen photographer, holding a Private Pilot's Licence, he focuses mainly on landscape and aerial imagery. Having worked in the Middle East extensively he follows developments in that region with particular interest, and views with growing concern, the radicalisation flowing from Islamic fundamentalism, and the intolerance for opposing views, stemming from it.

6 thoughts on “BBC – BBC Four Programmes – The Killing”

  1. I haven’t watched any television for so long, I think it’s become a habit.

    I’ll make a note of it, but I doubt I’ll manage to sit down and watch it; something always comes up!

  2. OZ, try typing “Watching Iplayer outside the UK” into your google search. It should provide you with a number of different solutions.
    Toc: Boardwalk Empire is also on the viewing schedule here.

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