Mark Steyn: Do-gooders in a land with no good guys

Mark Steyn usually has a take on politics which very much is in accord with my own – why else would I enjoy his writing, I suppose you could ask…

His article is spread over four pages on the link, interspersed with ads (Fancy a Muslim Bride? – an ad agency with a sense of humour presumably attaching it to this article!))

Apropos the Brit media’s boasts about how the UK almost singlehandedly established the no-fly zone, it is perhaps not welcome news that of the 124 Tomahawk missiles launched in the first 24 hours, 122 of them were from American Forces’ assets – two were from British submarines, lowering Britain’s annual stockpile of these weapons to 23.

Author: coldwaterjohn

CWJ travelled extensively with his family, having worked in eleven countries over thirty years. A keen photographer, holding a Private Pilot's Licence, he focuses mainly on landscape and aerial imagery. Having worked in the Middle East extensively he follows developments in that region with particular interest, and views with growing concern, the radicalisation flowing from Islamic fundamentalism, and the intolerance for opposing views, stemming from it.

11 thoughts on “Mark Steyn: Do-gooders in a land with no good guys”

  1. Mark Steyn, a man I’ve come to loathe, (he predicted that Bush would win by a landslide in 2000, that the Iraq War would be over by November 2003, and that the Republicans would gain Congressional seats in 2006 — how much does he have to get wrong before one begins to question his credibility?) has a tendency to get things right only when they are so bloody obvious that a mentally handicapped Chihuahua couldn’t miss it. Libya is a mess, it has been a mess since time eternal. As for military intervention… Obama is facing a lot of anger from Congress for ordering illegal attacks and there are calls from his own party for his impeachment.

  2. When I see footage of things like the riots in London, yesterday or when the anarchists rioted under the pretense of opposing university cuts, it makes me wish that the police would come down in full force.

  3. Using force against force never solved anything Christopher. The police do so with consent in the UK, they can’t then go round using violence against the very society they support. The Met police of course are a different animal. The other 42 police constabularies try hard not to be like them.

  4. Cuprum: when herds of anarchists go about pillaging, destroying, and vandalising their “feelings” should be of no consequence. Go in, break the groups up, arrest the ring leaders, and disperse the crowds using the least amount of force necessary — but it must be done.

  5. If I weren’t laid low with a second dose of Wolf Flu (don’t bother asking, I’ll be fine, sniff) I would go and bite something, even if it does need a bath, a haircut and a year or two in the army.


  6. Chirstopher – what you describe in #8 is not quite “come down in full force”. If you can get the balance right you’ll do better than any Met Commissioner in History! The better action is to try to prevent…hence the kettling that so enrages many, especially Bearsy. I’d still rather have that than tear gas, rubber bullets and water canon. That’s for the Irish.

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