RAF Cuts – Matt’s take on it – priceless!

I would be interested to hear how Cameron plans to provide an airborne control platform to operate a No Fly Zone over Libya, with all our Nimrods chopped up into little bits…or perhaps he thinks this will do it?

Author: coldwaterjohn

CWJ travelled extensively with his family, having worked in eleven countries over thirty years. A keen photographer, holding a Private Pilot's Licence, he focuses mainly on landscape and aerial imagery. Having worked in the Middle East extensively he follows developments in that region with particular interest, and views with growing concern, the radicalisation flowing from Islamic fundamentalism, and the intolerance for opposing views, stemming from it.

8 thoughts on “RAF Cuts – Matt’s take on it – priceless!”

  1. The Zimbawe Airforce is flying British troops to Libya. They are able to this with the aid money the UK has given them.

  2. – and by the way, collect your P45s on the way out of barracks, as there won’t be a job for you, when (and if) you get back.
    I am beginning to understand how effectively it is possible to manage to demotivate our armed forces, if you really put some effort into it. It is as if Government ministers have been watching too many episodes of Bird and Fortune…

  3. It seems to me that, since the beginning of the 20th Century at least, our Armed Forces have had to fight the enemy physically whilst avoiding being stabbed in the back by their own political paymasters.

    Not for nothing is there apparently a saying in HM Forces, “Never forget that your equipment was supplied by the cheapest bidder.”


  4. OZ – If only it was the cheapest bidder, we may not have been in this mess, but £1,000 lavatory seats and £22 light bulbs, and BAe building nine Nimrods for the price of twenty-one, doesn’t sound all that cheap to me. So many Defence Ministers and senior Armed Forces personnel go on to extremely lucrative contracts in the defence industry that I can’t help a vein of cynicism developing, about who is scratching whose back on the way up this particularly greasy pole…

  5. CWJ – I mentioned the cheapest bidder (and therefore probably the shoddiest equipment), which does not in any way equate to the cheapest contract/cost in the end – probably the very opposite in fact.


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