Our Australian Prime Minister is a Liar

We have our very own Tony Blair.

Julia Gillard said before the election, on TV (video clip here), in words of one syllable, that her future government would not introduce a carbon tax.   In the last few days, she has introduced a carbon tax.   Worse than this, she is entirely unrepentant about doing what she said she wouldn’t, and she further claims that “the Australian people support her”.   Which, naturally, they don’t.

It is becoming clear that Julia’s Labor government has reverted to a hard-line, extreme left, doctrinaire administration, driven by the faceless power brokers behind the Labor “factions” (although some of them are now, thanks to WikiLeaks, not so faceless, and one is a well-known militant Trade Union leader).   It appears that these factions were behind the dismissal of Kevin Rudd, and that the reason for that was that he was trying to curb these extreme left-wing diehards.

Julia is exposed as not just a liar, but as a puppet who was introduced to deceive the Australian voting public – a vacuous non-entity whose strings are pulled by unelected dictators “off-stage”.

Public reaction has been strong, to say the least.   I do not know what action we Aussies will eventually take, but the rest of the world can rest assured that we shall not allow this liar to profit for long from her deception.   She has lost all credibility.   Rumour has it that she may soon be replaced by Greg Combet, an ex-union boss and currently the “Minister for Climate Change”, a dedicated warmist.   This would inflame the situation even further.   I foresee large demonstrations.

What is it about modern politicians that they believe that they can lie and cheat with impunity?   And what is it about our current justice systems that they are not prosecuted for their crimes?   Any normal citizen would be.   Things have to change.   We understand that you Brits are too weak and frightened to sort your blokes out, but we’re a bit different – I hope!

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

27 thoughts on “Our Australian Prime Minister is a Liar”

  1. I once threatened to shoot Mr Howard (in writing) over the issue of introducing the draft over the Iraq war. I wrote to him and told him that if he planned on sending our children to fight a war on behalf of America then I would come out and use all my training to shoot him dead.

    Apparently he received thousands of similar letters 🙂

    Back in 86 I punched Nick Greiner fair in the face after I started killing more suicide jumpers as a train driver when he closed down the psychiatric wards, he re-opened them a week later.

    I cannot threaten a woman (un-Australian) but I will kick her up the back side if I ever lay my hands on her

    But if she does introduce the tax I will bring down her government by any means possible 😦

    (That’s a promise)

  2. This was obviously a long term plan, now we know why the NSW government sold all their energy companies, they couldn’t tax them otherwise.

    I fear a CIA involvement here, might have to get the shovel and dig up me guns!!! 😦

  3. The problem is that Australia simply has more advantages. If Australian politicians lie, they can simply be taken for a a pleasant Sunday drive in the country — say, 5 hours north-west of Canberra and be left there! Not much going on and they have the chance to go on a nice walk to think things through. Where could Britons leave them? Okay, there are the sink estates… Never mind…

  4. It’s been a while since we put a million people on buses and sent them to Canberra, maybe it’s time we did it again!!!

    I won’t vote for a day of RAGE, I demand at least two weeks of anger, screaming and swearing while we all stand in front of Parliament house throwing stones at politicians 😦

  5. Alan Jones’ website today was running a poll : Do you want a carbon tax? It was running at 98.7% against and still our Prime Minister insists that it is the right thing to do.

    I think she’s been bought 😦

  6. Zen – we are all peeved. Mightily peeved! Bearsy is jumping up and down and wondering whether we can afford to get to Canberra to yell at Julia….

    This wretched woman promised in plain English, in words of one syllable that there would be no Carbon Tax in her Parliament. Now she’s telling us that “All Australians think it should be imposed, that all Australians believe in AGW” – No we don’t.

    Someone should start telling her that she’s in the House of Representatives and not the House of Tyrants…

  7. Zen – Yes, I’m slightly peeved, my South American roots keep telling me to start a revolution while the Aussie in me tells me to go kick the crap out of a politician, trouble is I’m not sure which way I should lean at the moment, both options look good 😦

  8. Could the root of the problem of Australia’s left-leaning instincts be partly due to all the card-carrying members of British trade unions who emigrated to Australia with the collapse of their industries in the UK over the past thirty years or so?
    AS far as your now-reviled new leader is concerned, Bravo has hit the nail on the head – how naive does one have to be to believe a word they say? 🙂

  9. CWJ

    It’s not a case of being naive – it’s a case of reminding them that we do listen to what they say, that we do expect them to stick to what they say and reminding them that they only have a few (three) years before we can kick them out.

  10. Don’t bother going to Canberra to berate the woman, Bearsy and Boadicea. They way these things work, she will have jetted off to some farflung destination with all her cabinet and jumbo jets full of “advisers” to discuss the implementation of this Carbon Tax, leaving behind her a carbon foorprint the size of the Outback.

  11. How about a taxpayers strike?
    Tell your employer that you want all tax deductions to remain in your wages until the government start listening to the people. How about a slogan: ‘No taxation without representation.’ Now where have I heard that before?

  12. HMB – Our laws force employers to pay our taxes directly to the government, only those of us who are self employed can withhold their taxes 😦

    Mind you there is no law that says you can’t pay your taxes in goods or wares, it does not explicitly say taxes must be paid in cash or money.

    We could send them lemons instead of cash!!

    “The lemon revolution”? 😦

  13. Donald :

    I cannot threaten a woman (un-Australian) but I will kick her up the back side if I ever lay my hands on her

    (That’s a promise)

    It is OK, Donald, she is Welsh really 🙂

    But who would have thought it, a politician of any hue telling porkies. It beggars belief!

    BTW. Will be in Oz in a couple of weeks time. Maybe I could giver you a hand in the backside booting department.

  14. Boa – I had not intended to imply naivety on your part! I am musing on the dangers of the written word without being able to pick up the expression/intentions of the writer… all part of the reason why veils should be banned where verbal interchanges are necessary 🙂

  15. Four-eyes, no need, I will provide the kicks, you can get in with the cricket bat while Bearsy and Boa dump bags of salt on her bleeding wounds 🙂

  16. Donald,

    You want a PM who listens?

    I may be able to get you perpetual motion or Camilla on the cover of Vogue, how about a time machine?

    Any of those are far more likely than a listening PM. 🙂

    Anyway from the way you antipodeans are talking if I lent you my ears they would be employed as a garotte.

  17. Garotte? Hmmmmmm! hadn’t thought about that method of political justice, I just happen to own a 216 Stainless Steel piece of wire …. judiciously applied to the neck while at the same time applying pressure to the spine with a knee …. hmmmmmm … 😦


  18. Donald, I am not sure if you would be entirely safe with one of these about your person, close to a politician you disliked, but anyone in the Royal Army Catering Corps will be able to assure you that they are very effective!

  19. Such a shame. I thought she behaved well and made all the right political noises during the QLD floods.


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