It’s a Category 5 now

Winds up to 300 kph, one of the largest and most potentially destructive cyclones ever seen in Australia.

No pictures today, just prayers and good wishes for all those Queenslanders who live in its path; I sincerely hope there are no fatalities, but with a weather event on this scale I fear some are inevitable.

The effect on Australia’s economic future pales into insignificance when compared with the ruin that will be made of many people’s lives and livelihoods.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

22 thoughts on “It’s a Category 5 now”

  1. It’s looking truly terrifying, Bearsy. I’ve been keeping an eye out for developments in the Australian press.

    I really hope they have managed to evacuate those most likely to be affected but I fear you are right, it seems inevitable that there will be some loss of life.

    Yes, prayers and good wishes to all.

  2. I’m extremely saddened to hear of this, Bearsy. From what I’ve read the holiday resort coastal areas will be affected the most. My best wishes to all Queenslanders. I hope that there are no fatalities.

  3. After Cyclone Tracy destroyed Darwin we had to move the entire population out of there while the city was rebuilt, only a handful of good men were left behind. I dare say this might be a similar event.

    Even worse than Tracy, this cyclone has the capacity to become a land tracker, very unusual but the heat and moisture in the ground could feed it and keep it a category two at least, if it makes it to Mt Isa, it will wreak havoc with that town as well.

    Katrina was baby compared to this one, lucky the area doesn’t have so many people.

  4. Just in case you’re interested ….. Cairns is expected to take a direct hit, fast moving waves up to 6 meters high and pushed by winds of up to 300Km/h are expect to travel directly across the center of the city.

    Cooktown, which since 1975 has been expecting and preparing for this, is the only town expected to fare well. Back then, People laughed when they upgraded their building codes.

  5. Hm, shit happens.
    Hope it will be no worse than expected and that Cairns has been adequately evacuated.

  6. Chris – I tend to agree with Christina , shit happens! Australia is not getting hit any harder than it used to, it just appears that way because this time it’s all in the one area.

  7. We can only wish all Queenslanders the best of luck and hope nothing too untoward happens out there. As it happens, Mrs FEEG and I are visiting Australia in March, and Cairns was on our list of places to go. Not sure what will happen now.

  8. I have no idea how this will compare with the Tsunami which hit the Philippines a few years ago over Christmas, but it sounds as if it may be equally devastating, to property, at least. A cousin and family who were on holiday at a beachfront hotel,survived, but realize that someone must have been looking after them. It sounds like all the precautions and evacuations which should have taken place, have been actioned, so I hope that lives will be spared.

  9. Hello, just wanted to say my best wishes and prayers are with people of North Queensland. May they be safe.

  10. Boadicea
    Just saw your link, the map/graphics really put it in perspective. How utterly frightening. Please, may people and living creatures be safe.

  11. Many thanks – we, once again, seem to be safe. And once again, I’m finding a little eerie to know that one of the biggest cyclones ever known is such a short distance away.

    As some may know I lived in Darwin when I first came here. Tracy devastated that city on Christmas Day 1974. There was, at that time, no radar capable of seeing the cyclone’s approach – it hit without warning. I’ve seen the pictures of the devastation – and I’ve seen palm trees bent at 90 degrees in merely “high winds”.

    We are more fortunate today in that we can be forewarned – and the warnings have gone out. I defy anyone to criticise what the Queensland Government and Anna Bligh, the Premier, has done to try to deal with the problem.

    The big problem, of course, is that there is virtually nothing that anyone can do until the cyclone has passed through. The ‘eye’, where all is calm, is so big that it will probably take an hour to pass through. It’s the second stage that is worse – where all that has been ripped off in the first stage is slung around.

    I utterly despise the news here – it is making a circus out of this disaster. Earlier this evening it showed six ‘old boys’ having a drink in a pub – apparently they called for help to be evacuated. The **** journos tried to make a ‘story’ – but it is too late – it was made clear yesterday that no one should wait for today to evacuate.

  12. Beware the “eye”, as you say Boa. I thought it was all over, in Hongkong, and nipped down to Connaught Road in an eerie stillness, to replenish my cigar stocks, in the days when I smoked. Boy, did I get that wrong! By the time I returned whole sheets of building material and corrugated iron were whistling about like pieces of paper, as the other side of the eye approached. Right Brain told me, and I had to agree on this occasion, that I was a bloody fool leaving the apartment.

  13. Boadicea
    I did not realise you were near Queensland. Like everyone else, I am so relieved no life was lost in this most frightening occurrence.

  14. Hear Hear you bleedin’ convicts.

    So using chaos theory, and considering the beat of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane on the far side of the globe. WTF are we heading for if a category 5 kicks off opposite the UK?


    I cannot begin to explain how tickled I am that you have chosen to pop in. Bless you sweetie.

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