Let me explain

I have now been asked by two people, one of whom questioned my manners, to choose between posting here, or on MyT. Allow me to explain my position. To begin with, my manners are sufficiently well developed to prevent me from intruding where I am not welcome. I came onto this site relatively recently because I was advised by Rick that I would find on here some people with whom I had enjoyed communicating on a site now defunct. So, coming here allowed me to re-establish contact with some old friends, as well as making new ones.

As for MyT, I have been on that site for some years now. There are many faults with it, and many people on it that I choose to ignore. However, there are many sincere people on MyT who respond to my postings, some agreeing with my views, some not.

When I offer a view, I wish to contact as broad a population as I can against which to measure my opinion. Sometimes the response is strong on both sites, but a low response from one site or the other is common. Therefore, though I regret any offence or inconvenience caused, I intend to continue posting on both sites. I shall reconsider my position only if asked to do so by Boadicea, or by a significant number of other people using this site.

Author: tomkilcourse

A sceptical Mancunian who dislikes pomposity and rudeness.

18 thoughts on “Let me explain”

  1. I’ve been discussing this on “Free Country?”

    So to reiterate – Carry on, Tom.

    I would ask, however, that people do not refer to comments on your or other double-entered posts, on MyT with links. Some here don’t want to visit that site, and others can’t be bothered (count me in there).

  2. I don’t always comment on all posts here, there are several reasons for this, sometimes I miss one, sometimes I have nothing constructive to add, and sometimes, especially if there are a lot of posts posted, I just forget, or don’t have time.

    So, no problem with me either Tom. šŸ˜‰

  3. How manners come into this? What’s wrong with posting on both sites? Strange.
    I don’t know my opinion matters, but I have no problem.

  4. I occasionally post things on both sites as do others here. Can’t see that it’s bad manners.

  5. Tom,

    A wee while back I wrote against multiple posting of the same blog on different websites. I’m all for variety and quickly tire of the same thing. It is galling, while browsing, to come across the same article. I can understand your policy of reaching out to other readers, as some are here and some are there. It’s your call and really, you can do what you like. In closing, I’ll say that while I don’t comment often (I’m a stingy commentator) I find most of your blogs interesting to read.

  6. Tom do not go, we often disagree but that is life and long may it go on. I enjoy our sparring as for MyT I think they have lost it big time.

  7. No problem at all, can’t see why any should think there is, should mind their own business.

  8. No problem for me either, Tom. I don’t understand what the fuss is about, but you are certainly not lacking in manners.

  9. The comments on here show me very clearly why I will not allow ‘self-justifying’ posts on this site in the future.

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