A rainy evening in Bucharest.

And I have a cold. So I’m sitting at my notebook catching up with some friends by email. Quantum, (my owner,) sneaks under my feet an I don’t notice. I finish an email, reach forward to take a drink of tea, shift my foot and tread on my owner’s tail. Owner squeals and bats my ankle with a pawful of claws. I yelp and jump and hot tea splashes into my, erm, lap. I jump again, a little more energetically, my owner is still round my feet, I lose my balance, fall backwards, pour the rest of the tea over my chest, yell some more and fall to the floor. My owner has it away on her toes, I rush to the shower and spray chest and, erm, lap with cold water. After cooling down I hang my wet clothes to dry, take a comforting shower, step out of the shower stall – stand on my owner, again, slip on the tiles and finish up on my, erm, fundament on the bathroom floor.

And I still have a cold.

8 thoughts on “A rainy evening in Bucharest.”

  1. Buster Keaton could have made a very funny 15 minute short from that scenario. Did you manage to save the keyboard?

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