Don’t read this article …

Don’t read this article in “The Punch” if you are unable to cope with Australian vocabulary and Australian humour.

Don’t click on the picture to access the link if you’re an up-tight Pom, even an expatriate up-tight Pom, unless you’re prepared to be amused by off-beat, tongue-in-cheek commentary.

If you click in error, close the page before you read the article.

If you do read it, don’t slag me off, I didn’t write it.

John Mackie may possible enjoy it – but I could be wrong.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

41 thoughts on “Don’t read this article …”

  1. A coarse bit of journalism, written by a tasteless hack from a country totally lacking any vestiges of sophistication. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Ok, my comment was a joke. I don’t know much a bout MC, he is never onm the field long enough to learn anything. But he seems a nice enough bloke and his girlfriend/co-actor is gorgeous.

    But why is it that changing rooms at any sporting grounds, are always hallowed?

  3. I enjoy “off-beat, tongue-in-cheek commentary”, sadly I found non of it in the article.


  4. Kallis has just scored his 39th century, against India at Newlands. That will bring him level in the record books with Ponting and only 11 behind Sachin!

  5. I know nothing of this guy Or the writer but I imagine that the style of writing will appeal to what is known as ‘okkers,’ forgive me if I have that spelling wrong. But as I see it, spertsmen have but a short time in the sun at the top and take every opportunity to soak up the golden rays of fame and more importantly, fortune, perhaps the blame for the way they act lies with the business manager who’s sole job is to maximise income by any means possible.
    For a well reasoned article on a sportsman passing the peak of fame,read the piece by Alan Hansen on why he thinks David Beckham should not go on loan to Spurs. And not a wanker in site, not on the printed page anyway.

  6. I wake up some mornings to see pictures of naked bums, cartoons with dangling willies and have on at least one occasion opened a post which was, frankly, pornographic. After consultation with several Authors, both male and female, I now tuck the pictures and cartoons behind a ‘More’ tag and I removed the said posts. I have not made a ‘song and dance’ about any of it – simply acted in a way that I hope that those posting such material take the hint and follow my example. I haven’t noticed any complaints about any of these posts and I try to keep my censorship to a minimum.

    This post carried a clear warning. Neither the title or the contents were reproduced here – quite deliberately. Anyone who chose to ignore that warning and read the article really has no right to complain about it.

  7. Donโ€™t read this article in โ€œThe Punchโ€ if you are unable to cope with Australian vocabulary and Australian humour.

    Which bit of the warning didn’t you understand, OMG, Janus?

    Words have different social strengths and emotive content in different dialects of English. Think of ‘bum’ in American – it means ‘tramp’; think of ‘fag’ – it means ‘queer’ in American; there are many other examples that the well-travelled should know.

  8. zenrules :

    What does โ€˜wankerโ€™ mean?

    The Mods on the MyT site appeared to know what the meaning was. The word was deleted before the second movement of the small hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€˜ello Bearsy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Janus :

    I was censored by the management for using the โ€˜wโ€™ word recently. Sauce and goose come to mind.

    Perhaps it is the way in which it was used Janus? ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year by the way.

  10. Bearsy
    You have totally misread my response, I could not give a flying toss what grown up words are used on this site, If the writer of the Oz article thinks the guy is a wanker he should be allowed to say so, which he did, blimey mate, some of the language I come across on a daily basis would make a stoker blush. My response was more to do with the role that sports ‘stars’ play in today’s celebrity obsessed society, more so in the UK than Oz for which you should be eternally grateful. The article about Beckham was to show the juxtaposition between the two styles of writing, the difference being that in Hansons article you have to read between the lines to see that he is calling Beckham a wanker.

  11. OMG – I’m comfortable as long as people distinguish between an Oz (with a small ‘z’) article and anything written by me, which has a capital ‘Z’ in the byline. Smiley thing and Happy New Year to you and Mrs. OMG.


  12. I read the article and it didn’t bother me. This may be because I’m missing something. But I agree with OMG that a sportsman has a very short career in which to amass fame and enough fortune to give him a reasonable standard of living for the rest of his life. If the new Australian captain is considered as a w**ker by some, so be it. Up to him to prove them wrong. What really attracted my attention, however, was another headline: “Another year on, another year older.” Gosh, profound Australian philosophy! What an unimaginative cliche!

  13. Evening, Bearsy.

    Gave up last night when rain stopped play the first time so missed the Clarke and Khawaja dismissals but have since caught up on both those and my sleep and am raring to go again tonight. It’s delicately poised, in my opinion.

    Superb vignette on Sky this morning, by the way. Crowd shot of John Howard and Sir Beefy says to Nasser – ‘He really wanted to meet you once, didn’t he?’

    Reply from Nasser and this is pretty well verbatim – ‘I was at a reception and he was there. He came over to me to introduce himself. I thought that he was going to throw me out of the country. I’d had difficulty getting in due to visa issues. I told him about them and he said I should talk to somebody who cared.’

    In re your post, read it and enjoyed it immensely. Your ‘wanker’ is indeed clearly our ‘tosser’ and I felt no offence.

    But, what an interesting article. I watched the tosser Clarke win said toss this morning and then listened to his interview. Struck me as quite a nice guy who was so thrilled to captain his country, particularly in his home state.

    Can not have helped that the ghost of Aussie Cricket Captaincy past, R Ponting esq, is infesting the dressing room at Sydney and Clarke did get out awfully easily but I will reserve my final judgement on him until after the last bowl of the Test has been bowled.

  14. tocino :

    Janus :

    I was censored by the management for using the โ€˜wโ€™ word recently. Sauce and goose come to mind.

    Perhaps it is the way in which it was used Janus? :-) Happy New Year by the way.

    Spot on Tocino!

    I reckon I’m pretty even-handed – but people don’t generally notice other people’s deletions.

  15. John Mackie – thanks, it’s a relief to hear that you understood the article in context, but then I had you in mind when I posted the link. He probably is a real nice guy, kind to old ladies and little dogs, but his batting average is on a par with mine (ie. as near zero as makes little difference) and I don’t think we need nice guys (whether they be ‘wankers’ or ‘tossers’) as Captain – we need competent leadership.

    As you say, having Punter floating around like Banquo can hardly be constructive! ๐Ÿ™„

  16. Bearsy :

    As you say, having Punter floating around like Banquo can hardly be constructive! :roll:

    Do you think Australia has a ghost of a chance of winning this test?

  17. Bearsy, good morning/arvo.

    This could get interesting. It would seem that the Perth Mitchell Johnson has turned up in Sydney so far as the batting is concerned. If the bowling Perth MJ is here as well, then ‘we’ could be in trouble.

    Whoops. It’s a right bugger when you start typing a comment and the batsman gets out while you’re singing his praises. His 53 was still a very good knock.

  18. I enjoyed watching the tail wag, JM, but the English opening is so good (and the Aussie bowling so poor) that I see disaster staring us in the face.

    Unfortunately I have to go out for an hour or so – perhaps miracles will have happened when I get back? ๐Ÿ˜•

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