Kalahari Lions

So, you want to visit Southern Africa?

How about Namibia?

What about the dunes? They are well worth the trip.

Do me a favour, don’t hire a red Landrover and whatever you do make sure you don’t have Bridgestone tyres

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12 thoughts on “Kalahari Lions”

  1. I own a similar Landrover (2 door TD90), it’s big! very big, dwarfs my Volvo XC90 which itself is not a small car, I’m only mentioning this to put the size of the cats in perspective, they are massive, not much smaller than say a VW Golf!

    Ha ha Val, I thought that lions were colour blind! (or is that dogs?)

  2. Perhaps the Landy has a flat battery and she was hoping to get a jump start by plugging into the manes.

  3. Why, though Soutie?

    When we were on safari the animals basically ignored the vehicle and its tyres. Is it because the car is red?

  4. Morning all.

    Thought that I’d look for some background to these pics, no luck 😦

    I did see that Outback Africa tell us that ‘the Kalahari lion is the largest lion found in the world’

    Why did they go for the Landy? Bored perhaps, bit of fun maybe?

    2 thoughts from me, who took the pictures and why was the Landrover stationary, I think that I’d of been out of there!

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