And then there’s this…

As the clock struck 11am, the nation paused to silently mark the anniversary of Armistice Day, when peace returned to Europe at the end of the First World War.
But in London the solemn moment was marred by a small group of protesters calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades, who burned a model of a poppy and chanted “British soldiers burn in hell”.
They held banners which read “Islam will dominate” and “Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell”.

44 thoughts on “And then there’s this…”

  1. Can’t understand why more people don’t fancy a bit of ‘decimation’!
    Perhaps a nice burning at the stake? Or the age old, seriously traditional hanging, drawing and quartering with head subsequently on pike on London Bridge for traitors to the nation?
    Just in time to act as Christmas decorations!

  2. As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been reported on Sky news TV, and I’ve had it on all day. Perhaps they chose not to give them air space.

  3. I have no idea why they were not arrested, Tom. It seems that ‘hate speech’ is an Orwellian PC crime – some hate speech is more hateful than some other.

    Val. I wouldn’t argue with that theory, though it doesn’t always seem to apply.

  4. O wonder!
    How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world! That has such people in it! – William Shakespeare – The Tempest

    I feel sick.

  5. Tom I would give them a police guard as they are escorted to Dover and told to f**k off and swim back to whatever Islamic state you want to live in.

    Bet the Beeb doesn’t mention it either. after all it would be racist if they did.

  6. In some ways, Val, I think it better not to give them airspace.

    It is indeed sickening, but this is exactly their intention. The EDL were there too apparently, just to make sure it hit the headlines.

  7. ricksrant :

    Tom I would give them a police guard as they are escorted to Dover and told to f**k off and swim back to whatever Islamic state you want to live in.

    Bet the Beeb doesn’t mention it either. after all it would be racist if they did.

    Just watched the news. Nada! What load of turds these people are. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

  8. Bravo, I understand that there were some arrests of these lunatics.
    Frankly what they are after is the oxygen of publicity, and the less they receive the better, from that standpoint. The EDL are simply the other side of the same coin…
    I understand there were less than 50(?) of them?
    How insane do you have to be to stage a stunt like that on Remembrance Sunday?
    It says somethng for the Englishman’s phlegmatism that they didn’t have their banner poles used as colonoscopes…

  9. What we should do with these Rsoles is round them up – both lots, give each of them a big stick with nails in it, then lock them into a confined space.

  10. Thinking back to Bearsy’s suggestion made the other day, I am definitely coming round to his way of thinking.

    CO, I’m a bit fussy about my Christmas decorations, but the body parts were usually sent to various places “pour encourager les autres”. Pakistan, Somalia, etc?

  11. Araminta :

    I don’t know Toc, but you may well be right.

    I’m afraid I cannot side with thugs of any colour.

    It is nothing to with colour and all to do with religion.

  12. I get the impression Minty that along with attending the opening of an envelope, you will support anything/person whom you perceive to be an underdog. I look in at MyT and note that good and fair minded muslims are queuing up to denounce these ignorant bar-stewards who are trying to bring MY county to its knees.

  13. There are not many Muslims posting on MyT, Toc. I wonder why?

    To be perfectly frank, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that particular post or anything else much on MyT. I seem to be a magnet for trolls and hysterics.

    You might have a point about the underdog, but I detest extremists of any sort. There is always another side, Toc. It is worth mentioning.

  14. Araminta :

    There are not many Muslims posting on MyT, Toc. I wonder why?

    Probably because they agree with those bloody ignorant muslim protesters?

    My time is nearly run. I worry for my country and my children’s children.

  15. I very much doubt they do, Toc, but it is idle speculation.

    Yes, I worry about the same thing, it is natural but not about Islam; my children do not either. It is their world and they will no doubt survive. There is precious little we can do about it; we have to trust their judgement is all I can say.

  16. Why would anyone imagine MyT would attract posts from Muslims?
    I would no sooner wish to be judged a Christian by the standards of the Northern Irish politician, Iain Paisley, and his son, Papa Doc Junior, than the vast majority of Muslims would wish to be considered to be in support of the raving loonies on the Remembrance Day demonstration.
    In terms of MyT, a more concentrated form of ranting racist bigots I haven’t ever encountered before – perhaps I have led a relatively sheltered life, albeit in eleven different countries.
    Some of MyT bloggers would not be out of place in the BNP or the English Defence League – one or two were such obsessional Islamaphobes, I did wonder if the Intelligence services shouldn’t be keeping an eye on them, and probably are…

  17. CWJ – I can’t disagree in general with your feelings towards MyT and its regulars, but you really should refrain from using the term ‘racist’ to label people who are opposed to Islam. Muslims are not a race, and I have rarely seen a genuinely ‘racist’ comment on MyT. Culturist, yes, but racist, no.

    Strong, impassioned dislike of a religion and its adherents does not make an individual a ‘racist’.

    The terms ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ are employed far too frequently and inappropriately on MyT, usually simply meaning that the commenter doesn’t agree with the perpetrator. Let’s avoid such emotive muck-spraying here, shall we?

    Minty – c’mon, admit it, you love the notoriety. 😀

  18. Er, well to be honest, Bearsy, I’m all for a low profile and an easy life at the moment.

    To be ignored is bliss, although the novelty could wear off. 😉

  19. Araminta – I rarely read anything on MyT these days, but thanks for the link. I agree that it appears that some woman who I’ve never heard of has made dubious comments about white people, and I note that GL has referred to her as a “coloured slag”, which is undeniably rude, but is it racist? Have you forgotten what the word means? It’s about ascribing different capabilities to people because of their genetic inheritance – like Sipu does when he asserts that the blecks in SA don’t have the innate capability to manage their own economy.

    Anyway, I said ‘rarely’, so please refrain from enculer des mouches for effect, eh?

  20. What’s that supposed to mean, Araminta?
    Are you imputing that I’m defending racism, or GL or MyT?
    Do you dislike me asking CWJ not to throw the terms ‘racist’ and ‘bigot at anyone he doesn’t agree with?

    Why don’t you stop sniping and have a sensible exchange of views instead. It’s a bad habit you’ve got into on MyT and you shouldn’t carry it over to The Chariot.

  21. Bearsy – when I used to read on MyT of a people being referred to as ragheads, camel jockeys and and wogs, I would suggest to you that these are racist comments…just a point of view.
    When combined with general attacks on one of the world’s major religion’s followers, rather than on the violent anarchists within that religion, I don’t think I have too much problem differentiating between bigots and racists, and occasionally when both seem to be combined in particularly unpleasant examples of humankind!

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