Janus’s Bookie

Well, I’m not onsite a lot these days, but I could hardly miss Janus’s win or the opportunity to turn his poem into a booklet. I’ve added a few more pieces of art (interfering book designer types!), and am still debating whether or not I like the second to the last image. I may change it if urged to do so. But here you go, it’s at http://issuu.com/trobairitzj/docs/janus_pamphlet_layout_1


9 thoughts on “Janus’s Bookie”

  1. Hmmm. Yeah that second to the last image doesn’t seem quite relevant enough. Funny but not very too the point. I’ll have to find something else…

  2. Just woken to this lovely surprise! Thank you very much, Jaime. I shall treasure it and lodge a copy with the Slacky bottom mobile library.

  3. Aww, thanks, Janus. Nothing like appreciation to warm a grrrl’s heart. I will fix that image of “I have seen the truth etc.” unless you prefer it to remain.

  4. Jaime, if you can find a more ‘a propos’ pic …… yes, please! Maybe a pilgrim father or two?

  5. Jaime, yes and I really like the ‘East Use West’ road-sign. Thanks again. Your signs are so much more direct than ours. I recall that in a Vermont village main street there were two:
    Entering town – ‘No parking this side’ and leaving town – ‘Don’t even think about parking this side either’.

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