Croc grabs baby elephant

A remarkable story in my Sunday Times today

“The baby elephant found itself in a tug-of-war with a crocodile when it went for a drink.

The croc, which had hidden itself at the waterhole, locked its jaws around the trunk of the African Bush elephant and went in for the kill.

However, the baby’s distress calls alerted the rest of its herd, who turned up straight away and scared away the croc by trumpeting and stamping.

The scene was reminiscent of The Elephant’s Child, one of Rudyard
Kipling’s Just So Stories, which tells the tale of how the elephant got its trunk – a crocodile pulled it.

The photograph was taken at Kruger National Park in South Africa by amateur photographer Johan Opperman.

‘I’ve heard from a couple of experts that this is very rare and that crocodiles do not normally try to catch elephants,’ said Mr Opperman, 38, from Pretoria.

‘After it was saved, all of the elephants of the herd stayed around the baby elephant for a while, making sure that it was ok.’”

8 thoughts on “Croc grabs baby elephant”

  1. Hi Soutie

    Amazing photo. Hope the little chap won’t have any lasting physical damage. I imagine he’ll be very wary of waterholes in future.

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