7 thoughts on “Thought some of you might like this”

  1. Whilst voters in their thousands are flocking to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party across the water, to vote in a bunch some of whom seem clinically insane. As Lewis Carol Thatcher in Private Eye puts it,the Mad Hatter believes that President Obama is a Muslim sent by Satan to encourage masturbation, whilst the White Rabbit refuses to allow any coloured rabbits into his burrow, the Dormouse is fast asleep, and Alice is a born-again Hockey Mum who believes in having the occasional drink from the bottle so that she can either “walk tall” or “support a smaller state”.
    I am sure they will all romp home in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free…
    What Obama thought he was doing on the Jon Stewart Show, God only knows!

  2. Thanks for that,CO. It would be hilarious but for the fact that it’s true! Though I think the Blame America Synapse may be shrinking.

  3. BTW I saw your helpful comments on the silver birch question, and have responded. I was away last week.

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