Strange and vivid dream

Last night I had one of those vivid dreams that you awaken from convinced that the events have taken place. I dreamt I had joined the British Army (hence the pic, that’s not me but the sort of thing I used to drive in the RASC  (TA)

The strange thing is that I knew in the dream that I was 64, married to Mrs OMG and working in the job that I have now. But there I was, getting kitted out in my uniform, chatting to the other recruits, skylarking about and generally behaving as I did back in 1963. The other part of the dream was that I kept wandering off and getting lost on this huge military base, which I can see now in my minds eye as if it actually existed.

I don’t read anything into this and I’m not looking for any wierd explanation,  just opening up a blog which says the mind is a strange and beautiful thing the workings of which we can only wonder at.

Author: oldmovieguy

Another Boomer who wishes he had the stamina of youth to go with the cash of age. Fond of pricking the hot air balloons of pomposity and cutting little dictaors down to size.

9 thoughts on “Strange and vivid dream”

  1. I’m usually walking when I have dreams like that, in a northern English town whose landmarks I recognise but which don’t seem to be close to my intended destination. As you say, weird.

  2. I sometimes experience Deja Vu but not recently. I remember driving down a hill in France into a town which I had never visited before and said to MrsOMG that we will be coming into a square shortly with trees around it, there will be a large white hotel in the centre of the street at the side of the square with a bank on the corner. Sure enough, there was, although I was stranger to that part of France my Dad was not having chased Gerry all oveer it after D day.

  3. OMG I have had exactly the same many times.

    The worst or best, we were driving in Wells (Somerset) in the pouring rain and I turned the music off and went very quiet, in fact I had been worried all day as her in doors will tell you.

    She kept asking what the problem was and all I said was “You’ll see”. Then the sky really opened and visibility was zero. As I began crossing a roundabout without seeing anything I anchored hard and shouted “hang on” at that moment a motorbike came down the hill sideways, the driver had lost all control, the bike hit something and shot into the air and impaled itself on the nearside front wing. If I hadn’t stopped it would have gone into the door and probably hurt the wife. I then said “that’s what I’ve been waiting for” and I felt a lot happier, but angry about the car.

  4. ricksrant

    There is much more in this this guardian angel thing than we give credit for, I for one believe in it, I wont go into facts now but I would put up a good argument for it, I’m with you man.

  5. Then there’s the ‘zone,’ or the Zen experience. Sportsmen, soldiers, firemen and people who routinely experience similar stress situations or periods of intense concentration know it. The moment when you seem to be operating on a different level to those around you, time slows for you and you know exactly what you’re going to do and how, and it all pans out just as you see it.

    I don’t believe in ghoulies and ghoosties and long-legged beasties, let alone things that go bump in the night, but it remains the case that we know a lot about what the brain does but not about how it does it.

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