18 thoughts on “20 Weeks Old”

  1. He sure is a beauty Tom. How did the image get so narrowed? did it happen when you downloaded it Tom?

    (I’ve fixed the sizing, see my comment #7 S)

  2. Hello Val, yes. I do not pretend to have your expertise with the camera. He still looks good though, doesn’t he.

  3. It just looks strange so narrowed, nevertheless, it doesn’t detract from the handsome feller, and those alert ears too, a real smasher.

  4. Evening Tom

    Not sure why the ‘scaling’ on your pics doesn’t adjust automatically, not to worry, I’ve fixed this one.

    (You keep publishing them and I’ll keep fixing them, I really don’t mind
    😉 )

  5. Thanks to soutie and val for their attention to the pic. I am not very practical in that area. No, janh, he is a Beauceron pup. If you google the breed you will find information. He is proving very trainable, Bilby. He will turn on the run to a whistle, sit when told, and drop watever he has picked up when told. When I say ‘no’, he stops whatever he is doing. Very bright little devil. I now realise why the breeder asked what size garden we had, it’s about a half-acre, and whether we had walks nearby. We have just returned from taking him into the forest. He needs to burn up so much energy. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  6. Thanks Tom, had only ever heard of this breed before but have never seen one. It seems they were used originally in Dobermann breeding. Interesting that he’ll be three before he’s physically and mentally fully mature. Lovely lad!

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