35 thoughts on “Best pop song ever!”

  1. Can’t hear it because of slow broadband but it’s in my head.

    Yes, Zen. A true, ground-breaking sensation of a song. I remember hearing and seeing it on TOTP with mum and we both went “Wow”!

  2. That’s a big boast. Shall we settle for ‘one of’ the best bearing in mind the various genres of pop?

  3. Nice one Zen.

    I have always liked their songs. They were never as important in my pop life as some of the early rockers. I can think of several and this guy who died fifty years ago this year was one of them:-

  4. Janus :

    And Buddy himself?

    A prince amongst rockers. Another of course was Rickey Nelson another legend in his own lifetime.

  5. This is worth a looksee Zen. A real trip down memory lane. Just have a look at those who appeared with him on stage on his 59 tour and the price of the tickets.

  6. In reality, what someone defines as the greatest pop song of all time, depends purely on taste, and of course, who the various compilers state which song is the greatest. According to one company I watched on the Arts channel a few years ago, a body of the music industry performed a global voting over 7days, and Bohemian Rhapsody was declared the most voted for. I personally didn’t know of this global voting at the time, otherwise I might have had my few pennyworth and voted too.
    There are many Pop songs out there that could be voted the same; the reasons for an individual song vary. The song itself, whether it’s a catchy number, the reasons it was written, the meaning of the song, the amount of times it’s played, who wrote it, who sang it, etc etc. It’s the people voicing an opinion that counts I suppose, plus sales figures of course.

    Altogether now….Galileo Galileo Galileo

  7. I do not think this is their best song, but it is one of the good ones.

    I think it is difficult to try and define your favourite song of all time, as your taste changes over the years, or mine certainly did. Having said that, anything by Queen or the Rolling Stones must be uop there.

  8. How far can you stretch a post? Mr & Mrs Toc have a a good friend who is married to Anita Dobson’s sister Gill. Anita Dobson is of course married to Brian May of Queen fame.

  9. Thanks for posting, Zen.

    Not just the Greatest pop song, the Greatest work of art ever.
    Much played yet still powerful. A-capella, ballad, solo, opera, rock riff, ballad (reprise), coda with Gong incorporated; Mozart was never this good. The Freddie piano/vocal delivery near the beginning to this day can still send shivers down my spine.
    I’m not one who tries to look too far ahead and prefer to live in the present, however, this will be the song played when I’m lowered to the ground.

    Valzone, you must be a big fan, join the club. Without bashfulness, I am the self-proclaimed grestest living authority on Queen. They’ve had a few battleships named after them, you know. πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday John.
    Incidentally, Mr. Deacon’s favourite drink is tea. Get the kettle on!

  10. Hello TR. You are spot on, I have been a huge fan of Queen since they began, I have everything Queen has done. Brian May is amongst the finest guitarists, only second to the god himself, Eric Clapton. Queen are unique for so many reasons, far to many too list here, I adore them. Zen and I are both devotees of Freddie and his wonderful mates.

  11. You boys sure are rocking here today, you have put some great stuff here, I’m just going through them, can you see me dancing?
    Actually, the Arts channel are just about to show ‘Queen, Live at Milton Keynes’, I’ve seen it a hundred times, but you can never get enough of a good thing.
    Oh wow.

  12. Delighted to hear that, Val. Is it OK to use Val? I’m more commonly known as JW, The Royalist (Queen linked) name change is a long story.

    I’m absolutely hypnotised by Freddie’s voice and feel it was criminal on the early albums to let Roger/Brain sing some of the songs they wrote. In my head I can hear Freddie singing the likes of Tenement Funster and Good Company with his inimitable vocals.

  13. JW, yes please call me Val, that’s my name. I’m just watching Queen now, fantastic. I know how you feel about Freddies voice, what a fantastic opera singer he would have made too.

  14. Excellent, Val. I also feel Barcelona was a much under-rated album; there’s some terrific songs on there. Bye for now and a premature customary, night, night to Zen. πŸ™‚

  15. I’m not too clever at putting video clips on, but I would really love it if one of you adorable men would find Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing La Japonaise. xx

  16. Zen and Toc, you have made a sad blonde very happy, will you both marry me please? better ask your wives first though πŸ™‚ Fan-bloody-tastic. Long live Freddie, in our hearts.

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