Message to Ferret, Bilby, Araminta, and You Know Who You Are …

The Boa’s Chariot competition staggers on …

1,000 words, more (but no more than 2,000) or less, in a story that contains a compromising situation. The following words should be included: “bats” and “pungent”.

Words or pictures in whatever form suits you.

Deadline midnight GMT (01.00 am BST) on 10 August 2010.

13 thoughts on “Message to Ferret, Bilby, Araminta, and You Know Who You Are …”

  1. Here I am, damp from Cornwall with all its sea mists and stuff. (Hair curled wildly leading to regretted incident with the scissors in the mirror….) and now I see I have two days to pull a story out of the sou’ester.

  2. Afraid Backside has declared this month an Official Holiday so Slack Bottom is closed for the duration. Unless the Muse strikes elsewhere – and fast – there’ll be no vapid verses this time.

  3. I have a work in progress, I hate it.

    Thanks for the reminder, it has now made things even worse. Harumph.

    I will see what I can do Jaime. 🙂

  4. Jaime,

    A summer’s day with bats and balls;
    The pungent whiff of smoking;
    Medad’s broad smile, Memam’s calm voice;
    A picnic lunch, we’re spoilt for choice;
    A few late frogs still croaking.

    That was life long, long ago……..

  5. You may hate it, Ferret, but I may love it. You never know.

    Feeling nostalgic, Janus? Very nice. You’re in!

  6. Jaime,

    How delightfully diplomatic of you.

    I have tried to get it done, but work is piling up and it honestly stinks like Ghandis flip flop. I am furrily furious because I have spent a large amount of time on it and I just can’t get it to work, the problem I think is that it should be a 5,000 word story and does not take kindly to abridgement.

    I am afraid I will have to miss this round, I simply have too much to do. Sorry everyone. 😦

  7. Jaime

    Can’t get anything to work at all (sob!) and now the Furry One has dropped out (sob!). I feel really guilty (boo hoo!) Sorry. 😦

    It would be nice if I had a sudden inspiration this arvo, but it seems unlikely.

  8. You can make it as long as you think necessary, Ferret.

    Oooooh. A sudden amendment to the rules!

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