The Road is Open

The road to Artists Point is finally open, the machines and bulldozers got there two days ago. A good week later than usual, it was reported that they still had at least 20′ of snow on the car park.  Never said I, lets go and look!

So we did.

And there was!

The car park is at 5,500′ That is Mt Shuksan at 9,127′ but no more road!

This is the other end of the car park with Nemo inspecting the trail head, currently impassable, to Mt Baker beyond at 10,781′

This rather amused us, a renewable graffiti wall of snow, nothing too naughty, they wouldn’t here, but will be melted by tomorrow for a new set of inscriptions! It was incredibly hot up here, always is, thin air, no cover must have been 8o’ ish in the sun, far too hot to stand around for us and we wanted the loo.

As you see, no dice!

So we descended a thousand feet.

To our favourite picnic table with shade and literally the best view in the world.  Never have I seen a picnic table with a better or more panoramic vies, and it is always empty, everyone just wants to go to the top but here in Heather Meadows you are above the ski area and just have totally mountain views surrounded by true alpine vegetation, (more on that in next blog)

Nia leading the way as usual, much better and more comfortable than further up.  We have had many a bottle of wine here over the years.

The dogs just love playing and running about in the snow like a couple of kids, I expect it is good to get cold paws after the heat below. They slept very well all evening.

There is a tremendous amount of snow left here this year, snowfalls were particularly heavy in the Cascades, much heavier than usual.  I suspect that a lot of this will not melt by the time it starts again in the autumn.  At this rate the glaciers will be growing again!

How to upset the warmists, teehee!

As you see, I prefer creation to the ‘creative’.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

9 thoughts on “The Road is Open”

  1. Remarkable CO, thanks!

    I’ll show the children this when they wake up (who of course have never seen snow!), hard to believe that here you are at almost the end of your summer and this is still hanging around, must have been a ‘dry’ year when the original road and carpark were laid.

    Of course I’ve had to research location etc. to be able to answer questions later and found this;

    “Mount Baker Ski Area, set the world record for recorded snowfall in a single season—1,140 inches (95 feet or 2,896 cm)” (wiki)

  2. Fabulous scenery – thanks so much for the pics, Christina. I can almost taste the clean air.

    Love it that the graffitti includes homage to Mount Baker. Kind of sweet that the mountain is still revered as it probably was in ancient times. Have you posted pics of your dogs before? Don’t think I’ve seen them before. A couple more closer images of them wouldn’t come amiss… hint hint 😉

  3. Thank you for those beautiful photos, CO. Glad you and the dogs had a good day out. Do you get bears at the lower levels there?

  4. Many thanks for the photos Christina. The views are magnificent, excellent recreation for the soul… 🙂

  5. Up there you get bears , wolves, chamonix perched in impossible places and all sorts of tiny mammals that are alpine in nature, lots of chipmunks.
    Down below we get bear and deer, possum, skunk and coyote where we live at 1000′. The bears go fishing for salmon in the Nooksack where we walk the dogs so one has to be a bit careful where you go.
    The Heather meadows area is very full of life because it grows a lot of foodstuffs for them, berries, that they stuff in the Autumn before hibernating. Bears are really very shy.

    Over all zoom a large quantity of giant raptors especially bald headed eagles. It is not uncommon for us to count 5/6 eagles on the way into town on the coast. They like to sit on telegraph poles and make them look just like totem poles you can quite see where the Indians got the idea for their carvings, an everyday sight, no doubt they used dead trees in those days.(Both the eagles for sitting and the Indians for carving)

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