August Writing Competition

So, before Janus wakes up, a new competition is online, waiting to greet him with its smile of razor-sharp fangs poised to sink into his subconscious and drive him on to new and shimmering efforts.

1,000 words, more (but no more than 2,000 (Jan, that’s for you)) or less, in a story that contains a compromising situation. The following words should be included: “bats” and “pungent”.

Words or pictures in whatever form suits you.

And to quote Mr. Mackie (because how could this language be matched?): “Deadline midnight GMT (01.00 am BST on the day immediately following the specified day and all and/or any other time zones pari passu)” on 10 August 2010.

21 thoughts on “August Writing Competition”

  1. Pungent bats in a compromising situation, eh?

    Hmmm! (Strokes whiskers reflectively).


  2. Wow, that was quick, Jaime.

    I’ll have a think, forget all about it and then spring into action at the last minute. 🙂

  3. Hi, Jaime.

    Looks like OZ is a shoe in for this month’s competition at the moment, although, for all I know, all the site’s ‘authors’, including CO, are bent over their keyboards feverishly banging out their offerings as I type. I just thought that I should draw everybody’s attention to the fact that the deadline is drawing incredibly nigh.

  4. Thanks, John. Only two or so days away. Yes, there was a nagging little bell in the back of my head as I have been running around unable to visit the site and encourage potential competitors. That was it! The deadline is drawing nigh! Very nigh! And you, Mr. Mackie, are you bent feverishly over your keyboard …? You might have to pull yourself away from that Game! Or at least incorporate it…

  5. Oh Zark, Mackie! I was hoping to sneak in under the wire without anyone noticing!



  6. Jaimie and/or Oz. No time to create today but have an idea buzzing away. Also stuck with the Game which, although undeniably afoot is going very slowly. Would either of you care to offer a shot to finish JW’s turn so that we can move things on?

  7. Thanks Jaimie (got your name right right thrice in a row! Major Wheeeeeeeeeee! Either my typing speed is slowing down or my brain is speeding up.)

    It’s a hit, by the way. JW will be so grateful.

  8. Woo hooo! Yes, I’m sure he’ll approve, just as soon as he can take off that tiara he’s been sporting and wipe the stardust from his eyes.

  9. Jaime

    OK I only got it right once when I look again. Sorry aobut the intrusive ‘I’. Smiley thing and at least I seem to have got the hang of the ‘ai’ bit. Just give me time and I’ll get there.

  10. Thanks, Ara and J (Megadeth) W! I can’t believe I spelled it like that. Talk about slipping standards.

    Looking forward to the reads! I recognize that silhouette, Ara.

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