Life or Death of a World Cup Team

Just finished watching the World Cup game between Portugal and Nth Korea, an impressive game to say the least, Portugal won in a very good demonstration of A class football.

Then I got me thinking, I remember another World Cup once in which a Colombian player had played so badly that on his return home he was welcomed with machine-gun fire, needless to say, he died.

In yet another World Cup, it was Brazil’s turn to lose and on their arrival home they were met by a furious crowd hell bent into burning them alive, lucky for them the plane was re-routed to another airport and they were saved from certain death.

So I wondered, after the most humiliating defeat ever in World Cup competition, just what will be the fate of the Nth Korean team when they finally arrive home?

Will their Illustrious leader have them shot, beheaded or will he be in a good mood and only have their families killed?  Will the executions be televised or be kept hush-hushed?   😦

Author: Indoles Simulatio

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13 thoughts on “Life or Death of a World Cup Team”

  1. Nice One IS,

    What if I had been recording this match to watch when I get home from work?

    I wasn’t, I have zero interest in kissball, in fact, less than that after the England performance last week. 😦

  2. Ferret – Giant Oooooops, Sorry 😦

    I didn’t think, I was too busy thinking of a Nth Korean execution squad 🙂

  3. What was wrong with England’s performance, after all, they lost. 🙂

  4. Not knowing much about kissball IS, I believe the correct term is a goal-less draw.

    That self centered tosspot Rooney whining about being booed off the pitch was a bit rich too.

  5. Oooooh, I thought they lost! Truth is I only ever watch the good teams, I leave the riff raff for others 🙂

  6. I think I remember the hit on the Colombian keeper. Jeez guys it is only a game after all.

    Nice dig with the only the good teams jibe BTW. 🙂

  7. Gor – Looking at the picture it seems to say something along the lines of …..

    “This radish for the Goalkeeper, that one there for the striker …… “.

    Painful way to end a promising soccer career 😦

  8. “Nice dig with the only the good teams jibe”

    Just practicing for when Soutie comes back on line 🙂

  9. I promise to be really nice, I only intend to mention South Africa’s loss a hundred times (per day for the duration of the cup) 🙂

  10. Now watching Chile against Switzerland, the ref has lost control of the game and they are killing each other 😦

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