Wimbledon starts tomorrow, what’s that I hear you say?

No tickets!

Too far to travel!

No television access!

Not to worry, I found this recently, real time Wimbledon action, fully portable, no fancy modern gadgets required and what’s more it’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








Simply print out on (preferably) a colour printer, keep in a convenient location and no more withdrawal symptoms when you can’t get to the match or a television.

Cool or what?


40 thoughts on “Wimbledon”

  1. My goodness “frilly drawers”, “strawberries and cream” what next a round of champagne?

  2. Don’t change the subject Minty, we are discussing frilly drawers, give an old perve his moment in the sun.

  3. By the way, indulge me, let me be a techno tart and allow me to say, I’m iPadding from the train!

  4. “iPadding”, the nearest I get to touch screen technology is when the barman charges me for another drink down at my local πŸ˜‰

  5. OMG – Sorry to say that frilly, cotton drawers have probably been replaced by sweaty, skin-tight lycra these days. Not a good move, IMHO.


  6. Yuck, Oz.

    I still have a pair of frilly cotton tennis drawers somewhere. Goodness knows why I keep them, I haven’t played tennis for about five years!

  7. Minty. Well what else is there to do on a train journey from Peckham Rye to my destination except stare out at the ever changing but similar panorama of ‘sarf lunnen’, at least now I can talk to you lovely people.
    Zang. I’ more a silk, French knickers man myself but each to their own.

  8. OMG – Me too, but Araminta has admitted to having a pair of frilly cotton jobbies somewhere, so I’m dwelling on that image.


  9. I’m not going to mention my knicker collection, Oz.

    It’s a source of great embarrassment, or amusement to my family. I was going to say it is huge, but that’s not quite the word I am looking for! πŸ™‚ At the last count I.. um owned in excess of fifty pairs, and that was after I trimmed down the collection.

    I actually thought this was quite normal.

  10. Minty
    When I go through a tunnel it goes dark but I still think of knickers

  11. Bloody hell Minty, the thoughts of your collection of assorted drawers has made a happy man very old!

  12. OK, so Araminta has a collection of huge knickers, or was that a huge collection of knickers? Whatever. Tunnel or not, I’m dwelling.


  13. God grief, are you a Peckham man, OMG? Some of my Grandad’s family used to live round that way and we lived with one of my great-aunts for a time, in Gordon Road.

  14. A huge collection of knickers, Oz. I’m quite petite.

    I must go now, this conversation is rather too revealing. πŸ™‚

  15. Bravo.
    Not me that’s the Peckham man, rather my youngest daughter who has just bought a flat there. She wanted to treat me for Fathers day so we went to our favourite South Indian restaurant near where she lives for lunch. When it cam to paying the bill I looked at her and she said, ‘you can pay Daddy, My Fathers day treat was my company’.

  16. Pay the bill, OMG, and enjoy. Your daughter has you bang to rights. πŸ™‚


  17. Furry, yes, I was thinking the very same thought!

    I really miss The Bulletin, and his total disdain for the whole prawn sandwich munching, champagne swilling classes. Delightful chap and much missed.

  18. Here, Here, let’s raise a glass to The Bulletin and his beloved West Ham United.

  19. Ferret – That looks like Maria Sharapova, but Wimbledon has lost a certain, ermmmm, je ne sais quois, since Anna Kornikova gave up the raquet, and she never wore lycra knickers, that’s for sure.


  20. Morning all πŸ™‚

    Ja, TB was in my thoughts as I was considering this, well said OMG.

  21. Wimbledon starts today? Now we know there’ll be no summer for another two weeks…

    Here’s to TB, too…

  22. Could someone design an equally upmarket application for World Cup football?

  23. When the media here in Vikingland get round to reporting Wimbledon, it will be refreshing to see relatively dignified, sporting behaviour from the players! I have noticed that so many of soccer’s superbrats now strike a thespian pose after every move they make – and glance up at the big screen to check whether the world has been treated to their magnificence. Similarly the Tour de France (whatever the drug-fuelled media say) will be showing genuine prowess with humility born of herculanean effort. I hope that some of the big soccer countries miss the cut this week so that questions about the behavioural standards of their players will asked and answered. FIFA no doubt believes it controls the game but as far as I can seee, it doesn’t control the men involved.

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