We never had Internet Privacy

Australia is considering following the lead of Britain and other European nations in demanding that Internet Providers maintain a record of all their customers activities for a period of up to 10 years.

In Britain the law demands that Internet Providers maintain records for a period of 6 years, other nations demand records from between 6 months and 2 years. To them the issue of retrieving those records is as simple as a warrant. the user need not be informed that he/she is been looked at.

I think this is a serious breach of our privacy and that it runs along the lines of a government demanding to know what books we read.

What do you guys think of this?

Author: Indoles Simulatio

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12 thoughts on “We never had Internet Privacy”

  1. All those blogs we’ve written are bound to come back at us one day, I can just see Blair, Brown or even Kevin Rudd in the future, all of them offering rewards for those who spoke out against them. 😦

  2. You know, police and the authorities can always retrieve any data they want as part of criminal investigations etc etc.
    THat said, I think the wholesale recording of data on individuals is scandalous – it’s just ID cards by the back door and would cost a fortune to mount and maintain.
    It reminds me a bit of that scene in Lord of the Rings where one of the hobbits grabs the magic seeing stone or whatever it’s called, and uses it to see what’s going on in the whole of the kingdom. Then Gandalf catches him and bollocks him, saying, ‘You don’t know who is watching at the other end…’
    Cue sinister music.

  3. Claire – You are right, police can retrieve any data they want as part of their investigations but I think in this case they are asking for data to be stored just in case “It might need to be retrieved”.

    I find this a rather arrogant attitude by the authorities in treating everybody like potential criminals, it also removes our rights as individuals not to help or assist in any police activity and as well it removes the rights from Internet Providers not to help or assist unless an investigation is actually under way.

    But as you say, who’s watching at the other end?

    Maybe we should start keeping records on the police, politicians, etc, etc, that would fix them 🙂

  4. Big brother has always been in the scheme of things, it’s just that they are updating easier ways of doing it.
    Indo, if you pop your address here, we can all google it and see what you have in your garden, the colour of curtains, the car on your drive…..without your number plate showing of course, although if you happened to be in the window or garden when the google van went passed, we would see you too. Great innit.

  5. Valzone – “if you happened to be in the window or garden….”

    Crickey, Anyone googles Australia might get to see more than they bargained for, many Aussie homes still have outside toilets 😦

  6. Bush dunnies and winter seasons have a way of turning one’s nether regions into a blueish tinted fold of skin, it’s nature’s way of guarding men against the bite of the red back spider in our more sophisticated areas. 😦

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