14 thoughts on “English rose.”

  1. Toc, or Ireland against the All Blacks but it’s poor consolation.

    Jaime, I would laugh my head off if you did – over-paid nancies 🙂

  2. In the England vs USA match: may England win infinity-null and despatch the Yanks back to Obamaland.

    As for the World Cup as a whole, well, the men in orange for me.

  3. Actually, I thought England came on to a bit of a game in the second half. It’s a worry.

    The English scrum was completely dominant and England could have won if they had not pushed the self destruct button too many times.

    Didn’t watch the first half, of course, since it clashed with Trooping the Colour.

    Thought France were rubbish and the Bokke were brilliant. It is at times like this that I miss RoO/MoO.

    Argentina v Scotland coming in an hour and a half so at least I’ve got something to watch tonight. There doesn’t seem to be anything else interesting on the TV in the way of sport this evening. Smiley thing!

  4. I hope England win their football game tonight. There seem to be so many games with different shaped balls going on in the southern hemisphere just now, it’s quite confusing. Oh well, not long till Wimbledon, not to mention the Canadian Grand Prix tomorrow – vamos Fernando!

  5. I appreciate the enthusiasm but I am not really very interested in the detail.

    I hope England win. I presume they are taking part? 😉

  6. I saw a load of local blokes outsde the pub, red faced, tanked up, pints in hand, England shirts on, grinning madly at any passing female.
    Strange how footie brings out this ritual male bonding thing.

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