19 thoughts on “Meet Kate!”

  1. Ditto, Toc.

    I think she does her best under very trying circumstances. I think her avatar on MyT does not do her justice.

  2. Thanks Ara – yes she appears genuine and committed. Considering the shite she has had to represent, I take my hat off to her.

  3. Hello PapaG; yes, I do think it makes a difference if you see and hear the person. This commenting business is all very well but….

  4. I disagree, that she is trying her best. I think she has done a lousy job and has ignored the user base. If she is the public face of MyT she should take responsibility for it and recognise that it has become an unmitigated disaster. It is the worst it has ever been, three years after its launch. If control of the format and design of the service is the responsibility of others, then she should resign rather than represent it.

  5. Needless to say, I’m not influenced by youth, a pretty / handsome face or accent… and I certainly don’t fall for the continual ‘pacification’ blogs that have been a feature of MyT since Day 1.

    Sipu has it just about right: ‘unmitigated disaster’ sums it up perfectly.

  6. Sipu, I fear your views are motivated by envy owing to your limitations in gender, talent and fame. Am I right? 😮

  7. Janus, if I were to agree with you it would mean that I would be in de fact disagreement with Bearsy and Boadicea. It’s a tough call but in this instance I will go with the majority. 😉

  8. You’re very kind, tocino and Araminta, but I am totally unimpressed by the froth and jargon. She is not doing a good job in my view.

  9. Morning all.

    Firstly, I suspect that being young, attractive and personable is not a disadvantage when one is the “public” face of any organisation. I think the biggest disadvantage she has is she doesn’t have a technical background; she is a journalist I believe. Not the best choice, perhaps.

    Secondly, I doubt she was responsible for the disastrous move to OneSite. I suspect she was as frustrated as we were by their lack of response to all the problems.

    Thirdly, I think the decision to migrate the site to WordPress is probably good; at least they seem to be more responsive to any problems, although sadly most of the best features of WordPress seem to have stripped out of the new site. The migration has been handled badly as usual, and I certainly do not like the new site layout and the general direction is seems to be heading. It seems to be the plan to somehow amalgamate MyT and Telegraph blogs judging by the number of irrelevant (to MyT) comments appearing in the comments section on the Front Page.

    It appears to be set to expand enormously, and I doubt that this was just Kate Day’s decision, and I’m sure that it was bound to be unpopular with the majority of the original members of the site.

    I think that blaming Kate Day is rather shooting the messenger, although there isn’t anyone else we know by name to shoulder the blame.

  10. I can’t work out the new site yet, at all!

    (But then it took me a while to acclimatise to this format here.)

    I agree with Ara here in the last comment above

  11. Hi Nym.

    Good to see you. Have you been away?

    The new site is very very strange and lots of glitches, and I do not like it at all. They have split it into sections and it is very difficult to find anything.

  12. And now, in this wretched amalgamation, they’ve lost my avatar from my Telegraph account… I just might have to get the chariot out of moth balls…

    Why couldn’t they sort out the b****** glitches on MyT before taking another step ‘forward’

  13. She seems fine. Must have been a nightmare presiding over the mess of a site that was Oneshite and having to wait for the Great Leap Forward. Haven’t spent long enough there to figure it out yet but discussions seem to be separate from blogs, which have their own comments threads. As usual I haven’t yet read the actual instructions 🙂 I will get around to it.

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