15 thoughts on “A thought”

  1. A bit of trivia – Mark Twain was a good friend of the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, they remained friends for many years. During one of his visits to the eminent scientist, Mr Twain, saw a special chair invented by Mr Tesla. Mr Tesla told him not to sit on it as it was “experimental” but Mr Twain disregarded the advice and sat on it any way.

    Turns out the chair was of the special vibratory type and Mr Twain pooped his pants. No kidding, this really did happened.

    Moral of the story ….. Many listen to advise, few take heed. 🙂

  2. I do like Edidh Piaf, but why do they call her the little sparrow when her voice sounds more like the roar of a V8 Super-Car 🙂

  3. Little sparrow, I think because she was very tiny in size: 4’8″ (no idea what that is in meters) and piaf means sparrow.

    Too much vibrato for me. But it’s a great song.

  4. Jamie’s right – Piaf was a nickname. Her real name was Edith Giovanna Gassion. Doesn’t trip off the tongue quite so well, does it?

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