!Vegas, Vegas, y mas Vegas!

For some reason I go to Vegas at least 3 times a year. Mainly because its easy to get some friends and my father to go, so I can spend time with cool people. Also, hotels are cheap, people watching is awesome, and the streets are knee-deep in beer and food… I talk about Vegas quite a bit to my “co-workers” and so a trip was planned for the beginning of this month, and about half of my company (7 people) ended up in Vegas simultaneously.

The first night I got a call from the CEO who has the CTO and all but one other worker at the airport trying to get a cab. The call goes something like this;

CEO: “Hey Mordechai, you in for dinner reservations tonight at the steak house at the Venetian?”

Me: “Sure, I’m in! Just be warned though that I’ll be playing a poker tourney at Caesar’s. If I’m in the money and rolling well, I might duck out on dinner. ”

CEO: “That’s weak. If you don’t want to go, just say so.”

Me:”I’d like to, but I’m just sayin’, if I’m in the money..”

CEO: “You need to give a straight answer, you just sound spineless.”

Me: “Then, No, I’m not going to the steakhouse.”

CEO: “You’re in or you’re out.”

Me: “I’m out. I’m not going.”


Anywho, after all that, the CEO slithered out on the dinner to play poker at the Bellagio while one remaining coworker and I drank about 30 $1 beers at O’Shea’s Casino (O’Shea’s employs a ‘little person’ to walk around wearing a green velvet tux and top hat with shamrocks on it while talking into a microphone in an incredibly deep voice) and played low limit poker at the Flamingo. At one point I was berating a danish gentleman because Beowulf and Hamlet were both stories about Danes, but written in English. I think he enjoyed our conversation and being called “Gunther” for 2 hours…. At a later time yet another Dane was yelling at me, but I don’t recall why…

In the end I only saw 2 of the coworkers over the 3 days, ate the best steak I’ve ever had in Vegas (At Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesars), and got to hike around some mountains that I had no idea you could hike around.

There must be some lessons in all this, but I’m drawing a blank… Perhaps: ‘Vacationing with coworkers is wicked retarded.’ or ‘Don’t play low limit hold’em while trashed on lite beer.’?

I give the trip 2 thumbs up!

5 thoughts on “!Vegas, Vegas, y mas Vegas!”

  1. i once went to vegas on the way back from mountain biking in utah. i was bored within 20 mins, but they didn’t have any of the theme casinos back then. i imagine it’s changed a bit since then

  2. Haven’t been there for some time. It’s uninteresting if you don’t gamble. Though the floor shows are probably pretty wicked. I always regretted never making it to Las Vegas to see Liberace’s show. Fascinated with kitsch, I once wrote a haiku to him, something about piano keys, chandeliers and his brother George.

  3. I have never been to Vegas, let alone America. I have always dream’t of moving out there, or to Australia, to a little home in the middle of nowhere, with no immediate neighbours, a few animals running around the joint and a swimming pool, somewhere nice and warm, not too hot and becoming a hermit. Sounds ideal to me.
    I think it would be very dangerous for me to go to Vegas-I am addicted to fruit machines, all my uncle’s fault-he had a car museum when I was growing up and in the bit for kids/entertainment he had a couple of the beasts. He used to give me the keys to the money drawer, and play them by the hour, when we were up there helping out for the day and keep any money that I won. I now find it very hard, if started on them, to walk away from a machine, until I am up on it, and that very rarely happens, so best if I stay well away 😉

  4. I drove to Sun City when i was in SA, was fairly uneventful except i walked up to a fruit machine, saw there was still credit on the machine so i pushed the button and a shit load of cash came out. figured that was the time to quit. Bought dinner for myself and two friends and a pair of souvenir socks apiece from what was left.

  5. I don’t fancy Vegas at all – fruit machines, glitz and oxygen to keep you gambling through the night. Everybody I know who’s been loved it, though. There is definitely something wrong with me.

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