Flash Fiction competition results

Well, I was hugely impressed with the wide range of imaginative and wonderful entries that you all came up with. We had gripping narrative, lyricism, crisp dialogue – and themes from the dark and the violent, to real life shenanigans abroad. I enjoyed every single one. In fact, the standard was so high that I couldn’t just settle for one winner; I went for an overall winner and two joint runners up as well.

Pseu’s story dealt with the vicious relationship between a nurse and her abusive patient. This cleverly controlled narrative wove deftly between brutality and nonchalance, giving us plenty of crisp dialogue and a neat, sadistic twist at the end. It was pithy, insightful and chilling.

OZ gave a hilarious real-life tale of ex pats and their struggles with rearing chickens. It was packed with colour, hilarity and witty anecdotes. And I loved the Stalag Loft of fox proof wire fence, OZ. In fact, can I have some for the garden, please?  🙂

Cyanide Bunny plunged us into the mind of the serial philanderer. I was impressed with the vivid character building of this story; it was so effective that by the end, I didn’t just feel I knew him, I almost felt I was him.

Jaime’s story was a beautifully multi layered tale of a biologist who is torn between total absorption in his work and his pregnant wife. I loved the exquisite imagery of this; for me, it created a sense of conflicting levels of consciousness, perceptions and shifting realities.

 Janus’s humorous take on election fever was great; this was fabulous in a kind of Hobson’s Choice meets Corrie way. The verse was fast and witty; the dialect real and engaging. All in all, it war lak bee yin ah- ooahme luv…

Janh gave us dark, hard hitting tale about the after effects of domestic violence on children. This was forceful and uncompromising, juxtaposing flashbacks of past instances of brutality with present avoidance and denial. What can I say? Chilling stuff; a powerful message.

I also enjoyed Araminta’s tale of duplicitous lovers and the art of self deception. I thought that this was told with casual elegance and seductive ease, with a very effective twist.

It was very hard to pick a winner, but, in the end, I chose Jaime’s story as the overall winner – for its breathtaking lyricism and utterly beautiful imagery which created a sense of altered perceptions, expanding dimensions, universes too perhaps – who knows…?

And as joint runners up, Janh’s original story in comment 52, for its potent message, and Pseudonym’s entry, for its cleverly controlled brutality.

However,  it was a very hard task to choose between them because the standard was so high. Well done to everyone and thanks for creating such a varied and wonderful range of stories.

11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction competition results”

  1. And thank you to everyone from me for some very enjoyable read… 🙂

  2. Thank you Claire, excellently judged!
    Congratulations, Jaime!

    (Jaime, as the winner, I just wondered if you’d like to think about setting another writing competition for us? Along any lines you think…Let me know what you think)

  3. Brill, thanks from me too, for a proper considered critique. Well done Jaime and everyone 🙂
    I particularly enjoyed Jaime’s sensuous imagery too.

  4. Thanks, all. Thanks, Claire. And thanks, Pseu. I enjoyed the challenge and reading everyone’s stories.

    Sure, Pseu, I can do that. How soon would you want the contest posted?

  5. OK. Don’t bother answering that. Inspired by Cyanide P. Bunny’s brilliant post on “Sport”:

    For the next contest: Write a short fiction piece, 700 words or less (giving you an editorial break, Jan!), that includes:
    • a reference to some sport or sports
    • the word “stain”

    Stories due here by 10pm GMT on Sunday, May 23. (Two weeks from today. Is that enough time, Pseu?)

  6. A worthy winner; it was a beautifully crafted tale, Jaime.

    Well done the runners up too.

    And thanks to Claire for taking so much time and trouble to read them, comment on them all, and then have to choose!

  7. Well done to Jaime, and to all who entered, and thanks for a great read.

  8. Thanks, Araminta. And yes, I think Claire did a great job in her descriptions of everyone’s piece and I think she deserves a prize for her efforts. I will turn this possibility in my mind. Pseu deserves a prize also for posing the challenge to begin with! Will freshly post the challenge.

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