Wow! Just popped in for a quick browse and … it looks like a travel company website with that strapline!

Where do I book two weeks in the Seychelles?

Author: Paul

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7 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. madeoff… Is that you Richard? Rather unfortunatate title you appear to have chosen.

    Perhaps you haven’t been watching the election build-up, it is being decided by ‘car-crash’ tv. ‘None of the above’ sounds best. Certainly there isn’t any representation, if that is what you mean.

    When I’ve finished my business commitments, I’ll work towards the reform process, but I fear it will be at least one more term before we have a movement for real change – by then we’ll have another financial crash and everyone will be wondering why when the causes are right in front of us.

    Hello Brendan. It would be nice, but I fear it isn’t true. How are you enjoying DNMyT. More civilised, isn’t it? The strap line helps, but it needs to emphasise the deck-chair approach to blogging…

    Bearsy has done a great job, just make sure he does try to convert you. Next you know, you’ll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, thongs and exposing your nobbly knees. Keep the starch handy!

  2. Hello Paul. I am enjoying it well, thanks. I’d love an excuse to wear a Hawaiian shirt, and my knobbly knees are sadly underexposed. 😦

  3. Bearsy, No need to apologise. Strapline is a term used for a comment in the header, generally a slogan, such as ‘A better place to be’, with the graphic, it just shouts ‘Holiday brochure!’ at me. 😉 No bad thing from where I’m standing, I assure you.

    Brendan – the very thought; ‘k’ or no ‘k’! You don’t need an excuse – just a drop of sunshine. Happy days! It beats the ‘Burka bashing’ on the other channel by a mile.

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