Photos from last week

All these are unedited.  If anyone knows of a good (free) photo editing suite, I’d be grateful – fuji seem to save images in a proprietary format?

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13 thoughts on “Photos from last week”

  1. They are great shots bravo.

    I just use the basic windows photo editor, works well enough for me, pretty basic, but that is me all over!


  2. Are you trying to kid us that you were working? 🙂

    The mountains look spectacular..

  3. Bravo, these are great images, they don’t need editing at all really, they are just lovely photos.
    They can’t be all you have, put some more on. It looks a lovely place.

  4. Bravo @ #4 – And there was me thinking you were just pleased to see us.

    Nice pix.


  5. Thanks for the suggestions all. I use Picasa as my gallery software, and I’ve tried the Gimp, but it doesn’t have the filters I like to use – good for manipulating images though, almost on a par with Photoshop.

    Val, the others are all pretty much the same – I didn’t have a chance to slide off for an hour to buy a camera until we’d already been there two days, and after that I didn’t get away from the resort at all, I was working, after all – No, really 🙂

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