14 thoughts on “Less controversial, today!”

  1. Good morning Mr Zen. Haven’t heard this one since….
    See those outfits! see those glasses! Great song from way back when, good choice.
    I can’t stop this morning, I’m in the Marathon 😉

  2. I think this proves that recorders are entirely unsuitable for pop music – even for a band that’s cheesier than Caerphilly. 🙂

    Although I’d quite like to hear a descant recorder version of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

  3. Brendano, bless you, have another coffee.

    I used to play the recorder at school, I was expelled soon after 😉
    Recorders do have their place in music though, I quite like it on this clip too, a tad different.

  4. LOL This is wonderful in its awfulness, Brendano. Totally eccentric!! Love the guy with the hair headbanging and thrashing his ukelele. Laughing too hard to type, here. Thanks SOOO much!!!

    Morning Zen, just been on the other side and Marya says to pass on her very best wishes to you and “xxx.” 😀

    I was just kidding, you know that don’t you? Btw, watching a film, The Pursuit of Happyness last night heard one of my fave Joe Cocker tracks. Here it is. Happy Sunday.

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