Now, THIS is what alternative energy is all about

70 million quid, the weight of a jumbo jet, 1 passenger, flies at the speed of bicycle. Woo bloody hoo. Orville and Wilbur did better with a screwdriver, a spanner adjustable, a hammer and some masking tape for a few lousy bucks.

Link here.

13 thoughts on “Now, THIS is what alternative energy is all about”

  1. Agh, Bravo, what is it about links on this site? It really is not difficult.

    Select any portion of your post, or even write “link”, and then click on the “link” button on the toolbar, which looks like a chain, then fill in the relevant URL in the pop up box.

    Your link word then appears in blue and we can click on it.

  2. Ja well Ara, I’ve just spent 5 or 6 minutes trying to find his link in order to fix it, you have to remember of course that he’s a tank driver retired to Moscow, how on earth did he repair the links on his tracks?

    I’m sure that all will be revealed (eventually!)

  3. Soutie: whilst I understand that we are not all technically minded, I have offered to explain this before, and I’m even prepared to answer questions.

    It is frustrating to have to chase around to try to find out what we are supposed to be discussing though.

    Sorry Bravo; but it is annoying.

  4. Ah Bearsy; you are great. Don’t suppose you fancy putting up a few hanging baskets and mending a few broken door handles now, do you…? 😉

  5. Morning Bravo

    A small correction is required

    “the weight of a jumbo jet”

    Should read “the wingspan of a Boeing 747 and the weight of a small car”

  6. Thanks Soutie. You are quite correct, of course. Wonder how it would handle in anything other than a faint breeze. All that wing surface, no weight, no power to speak of, what a waste of 70 million squids.

    Ferret might like to give us some idea?

  7. Bravo,

    70 million!!!!!!!

    You are right on that score, I know a load of folks who could do a better job out of the garden shed.

    This is just another example of doing something because you can. There is no new technology and no practical application. A frivolous waste of time and money.

    As for the top speed of 44mph, if the 2012 round the world trip encounters the slightest headwind, it will in effect be flying backwards.

    I must say I raised a small furry eyebrow when I saw weight of a jumbo jet. I thought they had truly come up with a breakthrough. 🙂

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