39 thoughts on “SPOOF School answering machine message”

  1. I hope this video was not put on youtube by a teacher of the said school. Hint: heading of the video “awnswering” 🙂

  2. NO Levent, because they get blamed for all the ills of society. It is unbelievable what some parents expect you to do. Some want to be their child’s ‘friend’ so want the school to do all the discipline. A friend who’s a HoY, had to fdeal with a problem that happened in the middle of the holidays because the parents couldn’t handle it. It’s mad!

  3. Actually Levent you should read some of the political manifestos here on how they would solve problems with unruly pupils. They are hilarious. Obviously written by someone who has never set foot inside a school with unruly pupils.

  4. This is nonsense.
    The ring tone is not Australian.
    The word choice is not Australian.
    The voice is not Australian.

    Read this.

    Levent – This is not funny, nor was your selected title. An apology would be in order.

  5. Oh dear! Bearsy, I will never be able to understand you. You have one of the “sharpest” humour around. And you are offended by a little joke.

    You took the trouble to check if it’s real or not. Who cares? This is humour , for heavens sake. Not a report on education.

  6. (Just a punctuation mark, Levent to say I’d noticed you reinstated. I enjoyed this spoof and certainly understood it as one right from the start)

  7. Whether it is or not Australian is not the issue, it’s short, sweet, pithy and to the point and you either get it or you don’t. I get it and if YOU dont then that’s your problem not mine.

  8. And only 49 seconds long, good for us who suffer short attention span. 🙂

  9. Love this, Levent! Especially ‘if you would like us to raise your child, press 6…’
    I once worked as a reporter on a local newspaper. I was on permanent night shifts (most unjustified, can’t for life of me think why..) and could have done with an equivalent to field inevitable crackpots and baskets who descended in the witchng hours…
    ‘ If you are so drunk you can barely stand, let alone speak, press 1.
    ‘If you would like to rant for two hours at a hapless reporter, press 2
    ‘If you are on the run from a psychiatric unit, press 3
    ‘If you wish to be deterred from taking your own life, press 4
    ‘If you wish to be deterred from taking someone else’s life, press 5
    ‘If you would like to know the time, the date, or what precisely, your name is,
    press 6’
    ‘If you wish to threaten defamation proceedings with no foundation whatsoever, press 7
    ‘If you want an alternative to the Samaritans, press 8.’
    ‘If you wish to salivate, fornicate or masturbate while speaking to the hapless reporter, press 9.’

    Right, I am going to stop there, before I cause serious offence!

  10. Maybe you should do one for night duty, Pseu! I had to go to Blackburn ROyal with my littl’un a few weeks ago on a Friday night. LOng story; banged heads and faulty highchairs. I’m sure I would be castigated roundly on MyT for being a Bad Mother.
    Anyway, the medical staff were amazing, and even gave her a little teddy bear. It was sad to see how defensive and neutral they have to be about evrything though. Way of the world, I guess.

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